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Workplace Social Media Policies

workplace-social-media-policy“Having no social media policy is not sufficient in this electronic age. Businesses can no longer ignore the risks (and of course benefits) of social media.”

Have you got a workplace social media in place for your business?

A good workplace social media policies needs to clearly define:

  • What is considered social media and examples of usage
  • The risks of using social media
  • A statement of company policy regarding social media use in the workplace (and away from the workplace)
  • Reasonable use policy and examples of unreasonable social media use
  • Examples of workplace bullying and harassment involving social media
  • Consequences of policy breaches
  • And how to report social media issues

Our custom workplace social media policies are designed to suit each type of business and their online strategy and company culture.

Get the process started now by contacting us to be referred to one of our experienced social media professionals. 

Your company social media policy can be included in employment contracts and referenced when on-boarding staff. Ensure that your standard employment contract references your social media policy and employees are aware of the potential consequences resulting from an employee’s failure to adhere to the policy.

We can also provide on-site training to ensure staff are trained correctly on your company social media policy. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for any legal fees if you choose to have your legal team approve the workplace social media policy that we provide.