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Why Social Media Training Can Profit your Sport and Business

training social mediaInvesting time and money in educating your personnel is often touted as a waste of dollars.

When I discuss this topic with business owners and sports organisations I am asked two basic budget questions: “will this make us money?”, or “will it save us money?”

A recent study reported by Chris Syme on Social Media Today concluded that social media training and education can achieve both. How?

  1. Reputation Management – negative impacts from reputation damaging social media incidents translate directly to the back pocket. You can no longer escape the game of social media – you can elect not to play and watch and lose-out from the sidelines or you can jump on the field and take control of the outcome and opportunities of your game
  2. Foster relationships and Increase Promotion – Think of the opportunities in empowering your staff, executives, coaches etc to promote your brand in a way that builds a force of loyal fans. You automatically have access to a wider target audience to promote your brand, partners and sponsors.

Does your organisation

  • Want to increase their sponsorship dollars
  • Need to service their partnerships more successfully
  • Need to manage and enhance their public reputation

If you answer yes to any of the above then it’s clear that social media is a vital weapon to your organisation’s success.

Social media training will accomplish your goals, from the basic risk mitigation side all the way to teaching people how to use social media to drive business operations.

Social media training is a wise investment in your bottom line. If you’d like to learn more and see how I can empower your organisation to grab the social media ball and score (no touchdown comment) then simply send me an email or contact me via my website or facebook.


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Rae Brindley

Social Media Manager at 2Ear Solutions
Rae Brindley is a passionate and committed professional with experience in sports promotion, event management and education and training. A previous small business owner herself she is excited at the boundless opportunities social media provides for work, rest and play!
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  1. Spot on Rae. Your followers can build your reputation for you. They are valuable assets to help promote your products and share good experiences. You need to skillfully manage both positive and negative social media.

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