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The Power of Facebook for Sporting Clubs

Winning isn’t everything but here are 9 ways Facebook can produce winning results for your club.

Why are you involved in a sports club? For the money, the fame – we wish. If you are like me you volunteer your time and participate in grass root sports because you value:

  • Contributing to the community
  • Being active and healthy
  • Teaching your kids the basic principles of life
  • Creating lifelong relationships and friendships
  • And above all having a great social time!

Let me emphasise three keywords here:  CommunityRelationshipsSocial

Those three principles are exactly why Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

Facebook for Sporting Clubs

Do you need to grow your club membership or want to give your members, fans and sponsors superior value and service – then Facebook is your answer. Here are some great reasons why your club should engage with Facebook. You can:

  1. Effectively communicate with your members
  2. Increase the social aspect of your club
  3. Enhance sponsorship opportunities
  4. Promote your events to a wider audience
  5. Get feedback from your members through polls
  6. Reward and recognise your members with competitions and promotions
  7. Keep your members up to date with fixtures and results
  8. Post photos, creating a visual history of the club
  9. Activate the location feature so every time your members check in, this promotes your club

Your Facebook Page will become the social hub of your club. Your members will have access to up to date information and will interact with other members of the club’s community.
Yes, there are a couple of small hurdles like the time factor and identifying who has the skills to manage the page effectively. Unfortunately you can’t just leave a Facebook Page sitting idle. But if you didn’t like hurdles you wouldn’t be involved in sport, would you?

There a lots of tricks of the trade to running a successful Facebook Page with limited time and I would love to teach you all about them.
If your club is thinking about jumping onto Facebook and don’t know the best way to go about it or need additional advice on how to increase engagement with your members, just drop me an email

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Rae Brindley

Social Media Manager at 2Ear Solutions
Rae Brindley is a passionate and committed professional with experience in sports promotion, event management and education and training. A previous small business owner herself she is excited at the boundless opportunities social media provides for work, rest and play!
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