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How to Increase Exposure for Your Great Content in 9 Easy Steps

Do you have great content, blogs, ebooks, information, videos, presentations or resources that you want the world to see?

Hello WorldBusinesses and brands put a lot of time, energy and money into resource development and then forget to promote it. Don’t post once and forget – that comes under the failing of “build it and they will come”.

You need to plant an orchard and tend the garden – who thought I had a green thumb!

Jeff Bullas recently posted about the art of content hustling – I prefer a less intrusive term – shake your bootie! But what he listed hit the nail on the head.

Before you publish

  1. Check your headline will grab your readers’ attention – blog posts don’t go viral – headlines do
  2. Proof read your resource to ensure it is littered nicely with your keywords
  3. Verify your image is 400 x 209 minimum in size but in the ratio of 1.91:1
  4. Ensure your meta description is emotionally grabbing to your audience – this is what they will see in the thumbnail so you must make it irresistible for them to engage
  5. Complete your SEO basics by ensuring your keywords are in your category, tags, meta description and the image alt tag

Bootie Shaking

1. Post to Facebook

  • Utilise hashtags
  • If Facebook hasn’t selected the photo you want, manually insert a larger image
  • Don’t forget to do the same to Google+

2. Tweet It

  • You can use more hashtags here
  • Don’t forget the headline and link
  • If you have the time utilise the picture capabilities of Twitter
  • Tweet liberally

3. LinkedIn

  • Also post it to any of your groups to which the resource is relevant

4. Email

  • Don’t include your entire blog. Post an enticing introduction and hyperlink them to the complete resource

You have valuable content – make it easy for people to find and share

If you would like assistance or training in this area contact me at

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Rae Brindley

Social Media Manager at 2Ear Solutions
Rae Brindley is a passionate and committed professional with experience in sports promotion, event management and education and training. A previous small business owner herself she is excited at the boundless opportunities social media provides for work, rest and play!
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  1. Great Post Rae – we all forget to do the Bootie Shaking sometimes!

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