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Outsourcing vs. In-House Social Media Marketing?

Should social media marketing be kept in-house or outsourced?

outsourcing or inhouse solutionMany organisations in WA are now seeing the benefits of social media and appreciate the time and knowledge required for success.  However, some business owners have taken on the role themselves or given the responsibility to an existing staff member with no knowledge or experience.

It can be difficult to manage social media with an already full work load, leading to frustration and the misconception that social media marketing does not work.

Recruiters in Perth have seen an increase  in the number of jobs seeking social media marketing experience over the past 12 months and marketing companies have embraced social media as an essential part of the overall marketing mix.

So if you are in the process of deciding whether to outsource your social media marketing to a professional consultant or to keep the role in-house I hope that the following comparison will assist you.


Employing a dedicated member of staff to manage social media marketing can be a good option.  Lisa Mahar from New Frontier Consulting advises “When advertising ensure you spell out that your preferred candidate should be, qualified, have hands-on experience in a similar role, proven experience in building a social media strategy and managing SEM/SEO.”

It is important that the person employed has experience in social media management across a variety of platforms, understands digital marketing and can develop a clear strategy with KPI’s to meet and report on.

Lisa explains “When hiring a Social Media Manager, the most important component of a position description is what accountabilities or expected outcomes are required.”

“Most organisations focus on tasks rather than outcomes, this is backward thinking. If you focus on outcomes and accountability then your employee will naturally focus on tasks instead of becoming overwhelmed by them.”


Engaging an experienced Social Media Consultant is often the best approach.   A professional consultant will make it their business to know all about your business and goals.  They will research your target audience, competitors and industry online and use all of this information to create a measurable social media marketing strategy.

When considering a consultant, check that they are experienced with a variety of social media platforms, not just Facebook as this limits the people your business can reach.  Also check that they receive continuous professional development to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing strategies and seek testimonials from existing clients.

Social media consultants should provide regular reports and also be knowledgeable about managing your online reputation 24/7.

Comparison Chart

Social Media Consultant (Outsource) Staff Member (In-house)
Costs Once off setup. Monthly management fee. Advertising Costs Recruitment fees. Wages plus on-costs (superannuation, sick leave, holidays etc) Advertising Costs. Training and Development. Personnel can leave, and this means the expensive task of re-training others
Measurement and Reporting Set KPI’s and ROI reports. Results driven Dependent on knowledge. Can be task orientated
Knowledge Has access to training and continuous professional development Needs to keep up to date with platforms and learn online marketing skills
Experience Lives and breathes social media daily. Works across many social media platforms on behalf of their clients. Lead Generation May only have experience in a single platformHave other tasks that take priority over marketing
Reputation Management 24/7 Management Only business hours

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