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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Reach More People on More Devices, More Often Using Social Advertising

Do you wish your Facebook page had more likes? More engagement? Your website had more traffic and your email list was longer?

If you want to drive a specific audience to your Facebook Page or website, then Facebook Ads is a quick way to do both and Brands are flocking to the biggest social network in the world to spend their advertising dollars with Facebook ads.

Facebook’s self-serve ad platform allows advertisers to manage multiple campaigns at once and choose pricing options that fit their budget – all you need is a Facebook account. But once you start looking at the options, you can quickly become confused.

Where do you start and is your business a good fit for Facebook ads??

Download The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Get access to 26 pages of insight, best practices, step by step instructions, tips and advice for driving traffic to your website or Facebook Page from Facebook advertising.

Chapters include:

  • Should Your Business use Facebook Ads?
  • What Are Your Goals?
  • Who is Your Audience?
  • How to Find Your Audience.
  • Before you Start: Business Questionnaire
  • Action Plan
  • What is the Power Editor
  • How to Create Your First Campaign
  • How to Create Your First Ad
  • Facebook Advertising Tips
Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance Now!

At Social Media Business Boosters we strive to stay on top of the current online trends and marketing strategies so that we can serve our clients best.

Facebook Advertising is a hot topic at the moment and we are constantly being asked questions about how social advertising can help business owners drive more sales.

We hope this eBook will help you answer any questions you have and provide guidance for setting up optimised Facebook Advertising campaigns to target the right audience for your products and services.

Download our FREE eBook right now and start driving traffic to your Facebook page to increase Likes and engagement, or visitors to your website or landing pages to increase your email list and sales!