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Social Media for Local Events – a Wangaratta Case Study

Social Media for Local Events - a Wangaratta Case Study

Does user-generated content, such as reviews and recommendations, Facebook Events and social media posts boost ticket sales?

If you live in the town of Wangaratta and are interested in the cinema, marathon events and Wangaratta Jazz Festival, for instance, one Event search of Wangaratta Facebook events can plan your whole month in an instant. This is an easy step all of our trainers demonstrate at our training events.

This metric doesn’t just apply to a local jazz festival. It relates to most industries and especially regional businesses. Over 10 million Facebook users in Australia use Facebook, and increasingly look to Facebook for ‘discovery’.

Social media marketing in an area such as Wangaratta means honing in on a target audience to create Facebook Ads that get to the right newsfeeds. It also means asking people to join an online community. This can be set up and optimised by the Wangaratta marathon organisers using Facebook Groups or a very handy social conversation agent like Disqus.

Tourism Research Australia together with the South Australian Tourism Commission and Tourism Victoria, contracted iSpy Research to produce, Get social and improve your event! The toolkit was developed to give event organisers and marketers some lessons to assist event promotion.

For personal guidance on how to implement your own social media strategy or how to encourage your client base to market your company to their friends, join us for a one day social media training event on April 14 in Wangaratta. Reserve your place now.

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