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4 Local Social Media Action Steps to Increase Your Google Ranking

4 Local Social Media Action Steps to Increase Your Google Ranking

How to Optimise your Social Media Profiles for SEO

Social media for local businesses is so much more than posting engaging images on Facebook and encouraging 2-way conversations on Twitter.

magnifyIt’s all about SEO. Being found on Google. Ranking on page 1.

Stop worrying about how many followers you have, don’t make that an objective. Focus on increasing your search rank by developing your profiles with keyword rich descriptions, correct contact details, reviews, branded images and quality, targeted content. If your business ranks high on page one, you can guarantee you will get more sales in the door.

When did you last look past page 2 on Google when looking for a local service?

Social media is one of the tools you can use to increase your search ranking on Google. As a Darwin Social Media Manager, I have implemented the below steps for my clients countless times and have seen results quite quickly.

Do these 4 action steps today to dominate Google with your keywords and get found faster by your customers.

  1. Determine the keywords that you want to rank for. Be specific! Your brand name, and your industry + location is a good start. For example “Smart Smiles” and “Dentist Darwin”. Next choose some long-tail keywords that someone may type into search to find a solution to a specific issue they are having. “Broken tooth dentist Darwin” or “white spots on teeth”. Keep these sentences in mind when you are creating media seo tree
  2. Completely fill out your online profiles on the main social media platforms – Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page, Google+ Page and YouTube. Use your main keywords in the bio’s and keep your branding consistent. Get your Google+ location page verified as soon as possible. Although the majority of links posted on social media are no-follow links, your optimised profiles will rank well on Google, and your profile within each social media platform will rank well if set up correctly.
  3. Post at least once a day on your social media profiles, repeat your keywords, be mindful of your audience and be consistent.
  4. Make use of free business directory and review sites. Yelp, Trip Advisor, Hot Frog and True Local are all free to use. Remind your happy customers to leave a review online and always respond to reviews – good or bad.

Completing these 4 steps and being consistent with your content and engagement going forward will create momentum for your brand. You will start to see an increase in fans and followers, but most important, a higher ranking on Google Search for your keywords!

If you need any assistance with your online presence, please do not hesitate to call me. I am an experienced social media manager based in Darwin but am happy to work with business owners from all over the world. My number is 0418 564 582 or you can email me at

Let me know in the comments if these action steps have worked for you!

What A Social Media Manager Job Is Really Like

What A Social Media Manager Job Is Really Like

Certainly it is one of the best jobs out there. You get to engage with others and share helpful content all day long. But what is a Social Media Manager job really like from day-to-day?

Certainly it is one of the best jobs out there. You get to engage with others and share helpful content all day long.  And that’s the other element of the job: It can take all day. Full-time social media managers take on a huge number of tasks, and the time involved can grow exponentially along with the scale of the strategy. First thing first is Strategy, the why behind using social channels and the who and the how. Measuring is different dependig on goals and some goals are concurrent, i.e. Blog, email list, conversions that generated a call or consultation, social media metrics such as liking, sharing, etc. Thats just a "small part" but clients also need to understand that social is an extension of their voice and so its mainly a tool to engage, communicate, connect etc.

  • Well, that’s the important first point: It can take all day.
    Full-time social media managers take on a huge number of tasks, and the time involved can grow exponentially along with the scale of the strategy.
  • First thing first is strategy.
    Figuring out the why behind using social channels and the who and the how is one of our most important jobs. We won’t get far without this.
  • Measuring is different depending on goals.
    Some goals are concurrent, i.e. blog, email lists, conversions that generated a call or consultation, social media metrics such as liking, sharing, etc.
  • Getting clients to understand that social is an extension of their voice.
    At its core social media is mainly a tool to engage, communicate, connect etc.
  • If you are not in the trenches, it is hard to grasp.
    The work that goes in to being an effective social media manager is immense. The knowledge and time commitment which social media managers and are providing to a company (or a solopreneur), thus validating the pay an experienced and skilled social media digital advisor may ask before commencing work.
  • The importance of understanding the nuances of each channel and what tools to use.
    This is not something we need to discuss at the pub, but we do need to internally interpret SEO analysis, and understand big picture marketing goals, the necessary behind the scenes implementation plan and much more.
  • There is so much to managing social media.
    Whether it’s for yourself or for another person/company/department; the use of tools manage and save a ton of time.
  • We are anywhere from  3-30 people in one:
    1 person for updates; 1 person for engagement; a team of people for support, response, and happiness.
  • We love ‘queues’
    Queuing content from a blog, content from other sites, and miscellaneous announcements and inspiration is all part of an ongoing growth and engagement plan.
  • We do better when we are engaging the community
    Whether it’s through questions, hosting a weekly Twitter chat, or answering comments and replies these are core tasks that we take care of.


All in all, up to thirty Social Media Franchisees will have their hands in social media management any given week for Social Media Business Boosters.

How Sport Can Profit from Social Media

How Sport Can Profit from Social Media

Social Media for SportFor being one of the largest and most visual industries on the planet, the sporting industry’s social media presence seems unusually quiet.

I’m not talking about the thousands of fans following Shane Warne, but how the clubs and teams seem to be lagging in their take up of this powerful marketing tool.

After all sport is a business, from grassroots community clubs to the multimillion dollar football teams. They are looking for a profit yet their marketing models are behind the digital times.

Social media is the basis for any fruitful marketing plan and considering social media and sport is a match made in heaven, the business of sport needs to jump on board.

To begin with social media is a very cost effective marketing and communication solution.

Through integrating their websites with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms, sporting associations can not only provide a greater buzz and experience for their fans but also boost their revenue streams.

By building their social media presence, sporting groups can

  • Increase brand awareness and traffic flow to their website that will increase merchandise sales
  • Promote their events to a wider audience, boosting ticket sales
  • Activate brand messages that will enhance fundraising opportunities
  • Build business partnerships and sponsorship deals

Gone are the days of simply putting up a sign at a stadium. Sponsors want to take advantage of the rich emotion that is attached to sporting teams, and social media provides the avenue for sports to deliver.

No matter if you are the community basketball club or a state level sporting association, you can leverage the power of social media to benefit your organisation.

You must however embark on this journey with meaning and direction. The success of any social media campaign begins with a thoughtfully planned social media strategy.

If your sporting organisation needs assistance in taking this first step, please contact me at or

Are You Effectively Managing Your Online Reputation?

Are You Effectively Managing Your Online Reputation?

Did you know:

Social Media ReputationOver 60% of consumers utilise the internet and social media to conduct research and post reviews on products, customer service and company executives. This is changing the business landscape that you, as an organisation, can either ignore and pay the price or embrace and capitalise on.

Customer feedback is of course an integral cog in the business wheel. Social media has simply increased the canvas on which customers can comment but has also allowed businesses on the same playing field – you just have to be prepared to play.

And preparation is the key.

First you need to have a social media presence in order to hear what is being said about you and your company as well as giving you the vehicle to respond.

You then have to have a strategic plan in place on how to deal with what you hear and how you can be proactive in fostering a positive online reputation. After all, not all feedback is negative – you can cultivate positive social advocates through social media as well.

Having this plan will ensure you respond carefully, showing your customers you are paying thoughtful attention to them and can sometimes even turn a complainant into a supporter.

Bad social media postings about your company are inevitable and can lead to a loss of reputation and sales. A recent article on highlighted the importance for companies to manage their online reputation stating “Word of mouth has always been a powerful way to build or destroy a business’s reputation. With social media, word of mouth is more powerful than ever.”

If you want the power to build your company’s brand and reputation, please contact me for assistance in developing your Social Media Reputation Management Strategic Plan.

Rae Brindley

Did Facebook Save My Sanity?

Did Facebook Save My Sanity?

My social media background has been an interesting period of my career to reflect back on.

Kate Mather

When I was a busy mum of an 8 year old girl and 2 year old twin boys I decided that I needed to start a business (I think we will blame sleep deprivation on that one!).

The business was to be flexible, challenging and a rewarding distraction from my daily duties as I needed some gratification other than keeping bottoms clean or listening to nightly readers (those worn torn books that come home with your child from school held together with sticky tape all over them when your child is learning to read).

So my business Gum Tree Lane was born!!

An Australian Bush fragrance and essential oil range and I had to market it…Facebook was new, it was exciting and I was told it was all I really needed. So I began, perhaps stumbled into it.

I had previously worked in PR and Marketing and so this next step would be an easy and rewarding one…so I thought! Moving forward 6 months too actually remembering Facebook existed I started to work away at it. Now – an addiction was born!! and I have loved every second of it!

Social media made sense as for me my favourite way to correspond was always through writing. Notes to my dad while he watched TV and I was meant to be asleep in bed, notes to friends written the moment I got home from school and added to as the night progressed and then exchanged before school began the next day. Notes in the classroom while the teacher seemed to mouth…something.

I made a success of Gum Tree Lane’s retail division through Facebook marketing and then went onto helping other businesses make a success of theirs.

Now I have decided that I need more in my life, daughter 16 and twins 10 and have begun the most exciting endeavour yet…Profile Digital Group | Social Media Business Boosters a franchise that offers substantial and continual expertise in this fast paced platform…with ongoing research, development and astute business integrity Profile Digital Group can assist all models of business, achieve the outcomes they have been longing for through social media strategies.

By being with a team at the forefront of this industry we can offer our customers a substantial slice of the social media pie!

I have turned my passion into my business!!