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How to Become a Highly Paid Social Media Manager

How to Become a Highly Paid Social Media Manager

Social Media Marketing skills and service providers are in high demand and businesses owners are looking for someone like you right now!

If you have ever considered starting a business in the digital space, you can make it easier than ever to launch a new career as a social media manager.

Yellow pages are dead and newspapers and radio are being replaced by news blogs, iTunes and Spotify. Smart SME business owners are moving their advertising budgets to social media and badly need the services of a social media managers to help manage things efficiently and effectively. A quick search of popular job site returns up to 3,000 social media jobs in Australia alone. These firms are largely willing to pay top dollar to hire the best social media managers – a job which you can only show skills and experience for – not direct formal educational qualifications (however this is changing with some forthcoming modifications to existing TAFE programs).

Social Media Jobs in Australia

Business owners are familiar with social media – and most have used it in the past or have seen the success their competitors have had. In fact we can say most businesses know they can get a positive return on their social media investment.

They are ready to spend more money to make more money, and they don’t want it to take up more of their precious time that they need to spend on running their business.

  • Business owners don’t understand how social media works or how to use it in the cost effective ways….a social media manager does.
  • Business owners don’t know what to say to their customers or how to build a community around their brand….a social media manager does
  • Business owners need to be out running their businesses and they don’t have time to stop doing that in order to learn how to become a Twitter or Facebook expert….a social media manager is a Twitter or Facebook expert.

According to the latest Sensis Australian Social Media report, 79% of Australians access social media sites daily. However only 30% of small business owners are using it to connect with more customers.

Social Media 2015 Small Business

Social Media 2015 Small Business

Some 13% of SMEs who are not currently using social media expect they will in the next year but this is true for only 2% of large businesses. Those not planning to use social media in the future say it takes too much time or they don’t understand it.

Running your own business as a social media manager simply means you can be your own boss and inject a consultative mindset to how you conduct business. With monthly social media management packages between $500 and $2,500 per month per client. Businesses are more than happy to invest in order to get ahead of their competition.

Why Marketing Consultants Make Absolute Sense

  • Social media provides immediate measurable ROI. Businesses will happily invest in marketing services if it results in leads and new sales.
  • Available budget. Most business have already allocated money to their advertising budget and most also have money evaporate on services they believe are doing a good job for them. They know spending on traditional advertising is dead money (just like sitting by the telephone waiting for someone like to call).
  • Outsourcing makes sense. Hiring a full-time Social Media Manager can be a huge cost to a small to medium business. Marketing services ease staff pressure;
    open the business to new strategic partnerships and networks; and bring transparency to return on investment

Sensis social media report 2015

How a Marketing Business Serves Business

For marketing operatives a new business is a choice. You can take on 3-4 high paying clients or  build a team to scale up your social media management empire and aim for world social media domination.

Enjoy the total freedom of being able to travel or work wherever you want! Thousands of companies are looking for social media managers right now – and that is just on one job website. It is so easy to start a social media management business. Yes you could burn up over 12 months of learning the hard way or you could take a giant shortcut and join our established network of Australian social media managers.

Learn how to become a social media manager step by step with our intensive in-person induction training, online resources area where you can download all our latest templates and training, and our ongoing technical support team are there to help you every step of the way.

About the Social Media Business Boosters Franchise Network

Social Media Business Boosters was launched in 2012 and over the last few years we have continued to refine and expand the training and resources available to our SMBB network members.

Knowing that we have a technical support team on call, combined with our extensive resources and ongoing training means we only need to worry about chatting to the next friendly business owner. ~ a Successful Sydney Franchisee

  • If you are looking for ways to make money online and you don’t know what to do to get started, this is for you.
  • If you already have local business clients and you want to expand what you are able to offer them, this is for you.
  • If you are tired of the corporate world and want a more relaxed work from home business, this is for you too.
  • If you are searching for a unique Australian franchise business based on the digital and online space, you have found the right place.

How much you work and when you work is totally up to you. Watch this video and find out how to get started.

Enquiring about joining our Australian owned and managed franchise can be a pivotal step in moving you toward the lifestyle business you have desired during your corporate years. Or perhaps you are simply trying to avoid the corporate world!

If you’d like us to call you to get your questions answered, we will! Just send fill in the form below and we’ll email you to arrange a suitable time to connect.

Fill out my online form.

When you join the Social Media Business Boosters network, you become part of a group of successful and like-minded people who genuinely care about you and your success.

From our friendly Facebook group, regular live training, on-call support team for those tricky technical issues and a full suite of tools, training and templates to ensure your business is successful, you will feel right at home with us.

Our ever-expanding service offerings and training team ensures our franchises owners have access to the most up-to-date strategies and social media marketing methods to deliver value to their clients.

You will be getting paid to provide a real service to real business that will require some work on your part. This is not a get rich quick scheme however you do have the potential to scale up your business. Being a social media manager is such an in-demand service right now and is so easy to learn.

Become a Social Media Manager; start your home business today and get paid to be social!

National Master Franchise opportunities are available! Please call Max 0433 229 900 to enquire.

What A Social Media Manager Job Is Really Like

What A Social Media Manager Job Is Really Like

Certainly it is one of the best jobs out there. You get to engage with others and share helpful content all day long. But what is a Social Media Manager job really like from day-to-day?

Certainly it is one of the best jobs out there. You get to engage with others and share helpful content all day long.  And that’s the other element of the job: It can take all day. Full-time social media managers take on a huge number of tasks, and the time involved can grow exponentially along with the scale of the strategy. First thing first is Strategy, the why behind using social channels and the who and the how. Measuring is different dependig on goals and some goals are concurrent, i.e. Blog, email list, conversions that generated a call or consultation, social media metrics such as liking, sharing, etc. Thats just a "small part" but clients also need to understand that social is an extension of their voice and so its mainly a tool to engage, communicate, connect etc.

  • Well, that’s the important first point: It can take all day.
    Full-time social media managers take on a huge number of tasks, and the time involved can grow exponentially along with the scale of the strategy.
  • First thing first is strategy.
    Figuring out the why behind using social channels and the who and the how is one of our most important jobs. We won’t get far without this.
  • Measuring is different depending on goals.
    Some goals are concurrent, i.e. blog, email lists, conversions that generated a call or consultation, social media metrics such as liking, sharing, etc.
  • Getting clients to understand that social is an extension of their voice.
    At its core social media is mainly a tool to engage, communicate, connect etc.
  • If you are not in the trenches, it is hard to grasp.
    The work that goes in to being an effective social media manager is immense. The knowledge and time commitment which social media managers and are providing to a company (or a solopreneur), thus validating the pay an experienced and skilled social media digital advisor may ask before commencing work.
  • The importance of understanding the nuances of each channel and what tools to use.
    This is not something we need to discuss at the pub, but we do need to internally interpret SEO analysis, and understand big picture marketing goals, the necessary behind the scenes implementation plan and much more.
  • There is so much to managing social media.
    Whether it’s for yourself or for another person/company/department; the use of tools manage and save a ton of time.
  • We are anywhere from  3-30 people in one:
    1 person for updates; 1 person for engagement; a team of people for support, response, and happiness.
  • We love ‘queues’
    Queuing content from a blog, content from other sites, and miscellaneous announcements and inspiration is all part of an ongoing growth and engagement plan.
  • We do better when we are engaging the community
    Whether it’s through questions, hosting a weekly Twitter chat, or answering comments and replies these are core tasks that we take care of.


All in all, up to thirty Social Media Franchisees will have their hands in social media management any given week for Social Media Business Boosters.

Looking Past YouTube: Alternate Video Hosting

Looking Past YouTube: Alternate Video Hosting

Whether you are simply sharing a video with family or uploading your next big production, video platforms are now an essential part of everyday life. Video platforms are no longer purely sites like YouTube and Vimeo, with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram opting to create their own.

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Facebook Local Awareness Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Local Awareness Everything You Need To Know
The debut of Local Awareness on Facebook is geared explicitly to local businesses like yours. By adding a “Call Now” button Facebook now allows customers to call a business directly from an advert in their News Feed.

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Live Chat On Your Website: ‘Do You Have Any Questions?’

Live Chat On Your Website: 'Do You Have Any Questions?'

Customer service using live chat is proving to be an overwhelmingly popular way to improve customer satisfaction. 73% of consumers feel live chat provides the highest satisfaction levels, compared to email with 63% and 44% for phone. Read more

Introducing Charlie Tizzard at Throttle Media in Canberra

Introducing Charlie Tizzard at Throttle Media in Canberra

Recently we welcomed Charlie Tizzard from Throttle Media to the Social Media Business Boosters network.  Charlie is a Canberra native and is looking forward to helping local business owners find success with social media marketing.

Learn more about Charlie’s background and vision here.

Charlie and the team at Throttle Media in Canberra shared the following company profile with us.

Did you know Thursdays and Fridays are the days most likely to get a greater level of engagement if you make a post on Facebook? Would you click ‘like’ if someone posted that information?

At Throttle Media, every day is spent getting a greater reach for your business, even though Fridays are always a good day to engage, especially if you like a beer at the end of it.

Choose your level of engagement and let Throttle Media do the rest.

If you just want to dip your toes in the world of social media, then a little throttle is all you need – something to top up the tank and set you on your journey.

Or let the throttle out all the way to make use of the many opportunities of how a customised social media package will rev up your business.

Throttle Media specialises in social media management for large enterprises and government agencies, along with businesses, clubs and non-profit organisations of any size.

Throttle Media can design, implement and manage a social media strategy from scratch, or improve existing ones. Or learn how to create your own word-of-mouth strategy where your customers do the advertising for you.

Armed with a team of specialists, the brains of Throttle Media, Charlie Tizzard, will value-add to your business by reaching further and connecting more effectively with your customers.

Charlie also has the advantage of being part of the Social Media Business Boosters team, who are constantly seeking out changes in the social media atmosphere.

Throttle Media knows that dealing in digital is to take full advantage of the changing landscape of communication – where people are switched on and ready to pounce, and then tell their friends too!

But at the same time, the traditional form of telling a story ­– spinning a good yarn – is never cliché.

“Communicating to your audience in the digital space is a whole new ball game,” says Charlie.

“We will test the processes of a business’s engagement with its clients and analyse their competitors and we will most definitely take advantage of any weaknesses.

“People are much smarter and selective about how they share information. Facebook, Google and YouTube all know this and so do we.”

Charlie says the so-called traditional forms of advertising and marketing with commercial television and newspapers are increasingly less effective.

If you want to know SEO, but didn’t know what it stood for, Throttle Media will welcome you to one of the buzz acronyms of the digital revolution.

“Take a billboard advertisement at a bus stop, or on a bus. Almost everyone at the bus stop or on the bus has their head down, paying all their valuable attention to what’s going on in the world of social media.

“Or maybe they are reading a book…at the same time!”

So there you have it – the digital revolution in a nutshell.

throttle social media canberraBut there’s really as much point in welcoming you to the digital revolution as there is in saying that a pale shade of grey is the new black. Maybe kale is the new digital revolution – either way, it’s good for you and you know it.

To know more, contact Charlie at Throttle Media to make sure your message is ready to step forward and be liked.



Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

emoji social media perthThe Emoji has transformed how you market to the young Millennial’s and Generation Z’s. The power of words has been replaced by the power of Emoji.

But before you shake your head in despair of growing illiteracy levels, just remember the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words”. A single facial expression, sign or image is all it takes to convey the most complicated message.

There’s a reason why images are the most powerful and effective way to share a message or tell a story. Simply put, we live in a visual world.

Marketers already capitalise on images to attract attention and communicate messages quickly, simply and unforgettably. The key here is emotion – we know stimulating emotions will enhance memory.

The Emoji is just the next progression of image communication.

Today’s young communicate via Snap Chat, text with code (LOL – easy to break) and now, increasingly, message with emojis – the single image that says a whole lot more.

Savvy brands are now using emojis to communicate with their young target audience. This demonstrates how they are on top of the latest communication trends, transcends any language barriers and, at the end of the day, conveys their message in trendy, simple ways.

As an example, check out this campaign PETA launched in 2014 – a brilliant example of a serious message communicated only via emoji.

So how do you access emoji?

It’s simple but varies depending on what device you have – this link explains in words and pictures!! –

The key to successful marketing for any business is knowing your target audience. So if you are marketing to anyone under the age of 25, you must understand how to communicate in their native tongue – the language of Emoji!

For the latest in marketing trends and advice for your business, please contact Rae on 0498 088 318 for a free chat.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Social Media Marketing?

Outsourcing vs. In-House Social Media Marketing?

Should social media marketing be kept in-house or outsourced?

outsourcing or inhouse solutionMany organisations in WA are now seeing the benefits of social media and appreciate the time and knowledge required for success.  However, some business owners have taken on the role themselves or given the responsibility to an existing staff member with no knowledge or experience. Read more

Operation: Be what the market wants

Coffee and cakeA new social media strategy for a commercial bakery that supports three coffee shop outlets has uncovered a host of quirky unique selling points (USPs).

For example, its products are beer-friendly, vegan-friendly and even lycra-friendly, which in rural Western Australia, is apparently a big deal.

Prior to Social Media Business Boosters (SMBB) launching the bakery’s social media strategy just two months ago, the company had little idea about just how much these quirky issues would drive its social media momentum.

Back then the bakery’s objectives was to increase brand loyalty and “put bums on seats” in each shop.

It had a limited social media presence, with just the one Facebook page which had attracted a respectable 2,000 likes.

SMBB set up Twitter and Instagram accounts, and a separate Facebook page for each coffee shop, then began populating those channels with target-audience specific content.

Much of this content was based around images of tasty and edible menu items, recipes and new products. SMBB overlaid each image with the bakery’s logo and included a relevant comment about the food or a current affair.

For example, after a restaurant in Western Australia made the news for banning lycra-clad bicycle customers, SMBB quickly connected to a local reporter via Twitter and established the bakery’s lycra-friendly status.

Cyclists welcomeIn another instance the popularity of its beef and Guinness pies earned the bakery a reputation for being beer friendly. And later it got the tag for being vegan-friendly after a public Facebook discussion with a vegan about which menu items were safe for her to eat.

These less strategic conversations are ghost-written by SMBB but any negative social media comments are passed directly to the client to manage. This includes monitoring review sites and comments from organisations such as Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor.

All engagement, good or bad, is encouraged. If someone raves about the bakery, they are contacted and sent a free product, usually a coffee voucher and and thanked for their products.
They can also register for a loyalty card entitling them to free coffees and slices, by leaving their email address on the website. This strategy has a two prong objective. Firstly, people often buy something to go with their free coffee. Secondly, their email address contributes to future Facebook marketing campaigns.

Advertising in Facebook is based on targeting a specific audience. “I want this ad to reach anyone between the ages of 20 and 30, who like food and live in this area.” By providing an email address of someone who fits that profile, companies can create even more targeted look-alike audiences.

Properly run, using productivity tools and a mature business process, this particular digital marketing campaign is managed in just two or three hours a week, not including the initial proposal, strategy development and channel establishment activities, plus one client meeting a month.

The next major initiative will involve sending out a regular newsletter to a mailing list of 7,000 fans, which no doubt will include some sort of incentive to visit one, if not all of the coffee shops.

Can’t help but think that’s an awful lot of free coffees for three beer-friendly, vegan-friendly, lycra-friendly coffee shops in rural Western Australia to handle, but good luck anyway.

How to Make Social Media Work Real Hard in Real Estate

How to Make Social Media Work Real Hard in Real Estate

social media real estateIn just six months, a NSW real estate agency has more than doubled its LinkedIn network and Facebook community, and is now engaging with 259 new Twitter followers.

The North Sydney agency always had a social media presence, but prior to the decision to make its social media channels work for a living, by outsourcing the job to Social Media Business Boosters (SMBB), there was little engagement.

For example, its Facebook status updates had no graphics or links, and it was heavily geared towards advertising homes for rent or sale. Most posts generated between 1 to 4 likes, from a user base of 160. The principal’s LinkedIn profile was connected to just 190 other members and Twitter was non-existent.

By December, its Facebook page had grown to 494 ‘Likes’. The principal has grown her LinkedIn network to 685. And Twitter followers increase daily.

What was the strategy? First SMBB covered the basics by optimising all of the profiles across all of the channels. This involved updating all profile pictures and bios to make them consistent, adding contact details and company descriptions, and using keywords such as ‘real estate agents’ and the business’s localities.

On Facebook the website was corrected, and the location link, contact details, opening hours and custom tabs for Twitter and employment opportunities were added.

On LinkedIn the principal’s profile image, headline and summary were updated. A custom URL was created, and contact details, media, recommendations and endorsements were added. And important keywords were scattered throughout current and past positions.

On Twitter a header, background and profile images were included. A short keyword-friendly bio was written, and target audiences and community groups were unearthed. Engagement was generated by following and retweeting their tweets and keeping the conversations flowing.

The images were also drastically updated across all the channels with professionally taken Northern Sydney shots, then regularly ‘swapped out’ or updated every month or so, together with a modest advertising campaign to kickstart things along.

After the strategy went live the real estate principal said to Louise, “I finally get it. People want to check you out on social media before they invite you into their living room.”

North_Sydney beachSummary

Budget:  $10,000 (6 months)

Objective: Establish the company as the go to real estate agent for Northern Beaches area, build trust, establish the principal as a thought leader, increase traffic to the various social media profiles and build community engagement.

Outcome: Increased community engagement and likes on Facebook from 160 to 494, Twitter from 0 to 190 and LinkedIn from 190 to 685.


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