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Looking Past YouTube: Alternate Video Hosting

Looking Past YouTube: Alternate Video Hosting

Whether you are simply sharing a video with family or uploading your next big production, video platforms are now an essential part of everyday life. Video platforms are no longer purely sites like YouTube and Vimeo, with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram opting to create their own.

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Are You Dating Your Customers?

Are You Dating Your Customers?

Developing strong customer relationships is a valuable business skill and essential for sustained sales success.

Your customers make or break you, and the most successful businesses are getting impressive results such as improved client retention, customer referrals and the establishment of brand champions.

Digital marketing takes building strong relationships and reputation management to the next level. In fact everything from the website homepage to the existence of a social media presence counts towards customer perception.

Most people have seen first-hand that younger generations demand a “click and find, click and know, and click and buy” experience. Consumer expectations are rapidly changing and they now expect to connect with each other and with any business via every digital network possible. Social Media’s two-way dialogue creates faster service, public relations and a compelling feedback channel.

To get your relationship started it is important to listen and find out what customers are thinking today: What is their first impression? How great do they find your customer service?
Once you learn how your business is perceived by customers you can then go about turning existing relationships into solid partnerships and dating new customers.

social media business boostersThe checklist below will help you get started.

Relationship Checklist

  • Communicate frequently with your existing customers
  • Keep a database of customers, record of purchases and feedback
  • Engage with your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Offer customer loyalty rewards or show appreciation in other ways
  • Share useful tips or advice with your customers
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