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How to Make Social Media Work Real Hard in Real Estate

How to Make Social Media Work Real Hard in Real Estate

social media real estateIn just six months, a NSW real estate agency has more than doubled its LinkedIn network and Facebook community, and is now engaging with 259 new Twitter followers.

The North Sydney agency always had a social media presence, but prior to the decision to make its social media channels work for a living, by outsourcing the job to Social Media Business Boosters (SMBB), there was little engagement.

For example, its Facebook status updates had no graphics or links, and it was heavily geared towards advertising homes for rent or sale. Most posts generated between 1 to 4 likes, from a user base of 160. The principal’s LinkedIn profile was connected to just 190 other members and Twitter was non-existent.

By December, its Facebook page had grown to 494 ‘Likes’. The principal has grown her LinkedIn network to 685. And Twitter followers increase daily.

What was the strategy? First SMBB covered the basics by optimising all of the profiles across all of the channels. This involved updating all profile pictures and bios to make them consistent, adding contact details and company descriptions, and using keywords such as ‘real estate agents’ and the business’s localities.

On Facebook the website was corrected, and the location link, contact details, opening hours and custom tabs for Twitter and employment opportunities were added.

On LinkedIn the principal’s profile image, headline and summary were updated. A custom URL was created, and contact details, media, recommendations and endorsements were added. And important keywords were scattered throughout current and past positions.

On Twitter a header, background and profile images were included. A short keyword-friendly bio was written, and target audiences and community groups were unearthed. Engagement was generated by following and retweeting their tweets and keeping the conversations flowing.

The images were also drastically updated across all the channels with professionally taken Northern Sydney shots, then regularly ‘swapped out’ or updated every month or so, together with a modest advertising campaign to kickstart things along.

After the strategy went live the real estate principal said to Louise, “I finally get it. People want to check you out on social media before they invite you into their living room.”

North_Sydney beachSummary

Budget:  $10,000 (6 months)

Objective: Establish the company as the go to real estate agent for Northern Beaches area, build trust, establish the principal as a thought leader, increase traffic to the various social media profiles and build community engagement.

Outcome: Increased community engagement and likes on Facebook from 160 to 494, Twitter from 0 to 190 and LinkedIn from 190 to 685.