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Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

emoji social media perthThe Emoji has transformed how you market to the young Millennial’s and Generation Z’s. The power of words has been replaced by the power of Emoji.

But before you shake your head in despair of growing illiteracy levels, just remember the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words”. A single facial expression, sign or image is all it takes to convey the most complicated message.

There’s a reason why images are the most powerful and effective way to share a message or tell a story. Simply put, we live in a visual world.

Marketers already capitalise on images to attract attention and communicate messages quickly, simply and unforgettably. The key here is emotion – we know stimulating emotions will enhance memory.

The Emoji is just the next progression of image communication.

Today’s young communicate via Snap Chat, text with code (LOL – easy to break) and now, increasingly, message with emojis – the single image that says a whole lot more.

Savvy brands are now using emojis to communicate with their young target audience. This demonstrates how they are on top of the latest communication trends, transcends any language barriers and, at the end of the day, conveys their message in trendy, simple ways.

As an example, check out this campaign PETA launched in 2014 – a brilliant example of a serious message communicated only via emoji.

So how do you access emoji?

It’s simple but varies depending on what device you have – this link explains in words and pictures!! –

The key to successful marketing for any business is knowing your target audience. So if you are marketing to anyone under the age of 25, you must understand how to communicate in their native tongue – the language of Emoji!

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