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Client Proposals: Setting goals for what YOU can do for THEM

Number one on your priority list for establishing a long lasting client relationship is a strong marketing proposal. To bid for a job, you must submit a proposal which will explain how your company would meet the client’s needs and should convince the client your that your service is worthy of their time and investment. Whilst there are industry standard templates the best approach is to respond to the concerns and problems your client faces.

The best proposals keep the vocabulary simple to aid the buyers understanding. We have seen proposals which go overboard on the flowery language and ‘blue sky thinking’. The clearest proposals to come across our desk outline the ‘capital G’ goals and make the reader care.

When crafting a proposal step through this brief guide to get your documents best in class:

  1. State two obvious facts from your previous research or discussions with the client that they know to be true. 
    This engenders trust and shows you are paying attention. It also sets out a couple of issued that you have already identified for solving.
  2. Restate what the Goals are
    Once again, this will be uncovered previously through your work with the client.
  3. Describe the benefits
    This is most effective when it is personalised and quantified. A great proposal makes the reader care. You may like to demonsrate Return On Investment with a worksheet.
  4. Briefly define what the Client is going to get and how it will work.
    Try to not write a technical essay for every task that you will perform! Be consistent with the terminology used.
  5. Explain that you have researched the business by using the buyers words and phrases
    This should be clear as day throughout your proposal. Why? Because you have designed the solution answering to the businesses needs.
  6. Ask for feedback
    Offer open communication to the client an encourage them to talk openly and honestly. Since they have agreed to meet you the opportunity to help has already been opened. Your aim when presenting the proposal is just one official piece of business.
  7. Address any concerns early
    With preperation you can easily address concerns before they arise by conducting your research and following a proper methodology.
  8. Stress that you are excited about the partnership
    You are about to take a business to the next fronter – it is an exciting time for you and your client to get started on building great things with your help.

While it may be tempting to fire off your costs as fast as you can always consider taking more time to detail a persuasive proposal that follows a clear, simple format. Has a revised proposal process dramatically increased your success rates? Let us know in the comments

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