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Why You Need An Effective Facebook Video Strategy

If you’re watching a video today on Facebook you will be part of Facebook’s new plan to rule video. As video watchers spend more time on that than they do reading a regular post video will now get more ‘credit’ based on a new change to the Facecbook algorithm.

Facebook wants to beat YouTube in the attention stakes by declaring this week that it is becoming the “best place to share, discover, and watch videos”. It needs a lot of high-quality, original content to do this.

Facebook Video set to explode in 2015

Facebook Video set to explode in 2015

Any video that is popular will be show it to more people in the news feed.

Messaging app Snapchat, a Facebook rival, is ramping up sales of video ads for its new Discover platform. Same goes for Twitter, which owns two hot video properties, Vine and Periscope. Spotify recently added video-streaming capabilities to its music-streaming app, partnering with just about every big name in digital-video content…By this time next year, any one of them might have conjured up a 4-billion-view-a-day video product themselves.

Erin Griffith writing at Fortune earlier this month

Posting a copy of your video directly on your Facebook Company Page, rather than posting to YouTube or Vimeo and then linking it is the most important tactic for business owners. Statistics have proven that native videos get much more engagement than linked ones.

Businesses should also remember that your Facebook videos by reminding viewers to call your office or visit you on the Web; include relevant contact information printed right there on the screen.

And finally, YouTube first strategy is still critical for brands. The reach and sharing capabilities and discoverability benefits stretch beyond just Facebook to the wider web leaving YouTube to be the dominant player in video.



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