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Why Add Periscope To Your Digital Plan

Twitter recently purchased Periscope, a new live-streaming video app (currently available on iOS) that links to your Twitter account. Meerkat joins other live-streaming services surging in popularity.  This latest video App has some interesting extra features and can leverage your Twitter followers.To watch a video on how Periscope works click here. If you are a business owner or marketer you may be wondering how you can utilise real-time marketing through Periscope. Here are just a couple of ways you can give your business an edge through Periscope:

  • Announce Special Offers and Contests
  • FAQ Videos/ Q&A sessions
  • Endorsement and Influencer Marketing
  • Sneaky Videos of New Products and Services
  • Simply Showcase Your Company and Employees – ‘A Minute In the Life Of…’

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