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Triple Your Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is part playground, part planning tool. A place to window shop ’til you drop, “pinning” clothes, wedding ideas, desired home decor or reonvation inspiration to digital pin-boards for safekeeping.

With so much content on Pinterest, how is any small to medium sized standing out? Success on Pinterest often means creating a variety of boards that appeal to different customer interest areas. One example comes from a US brand you might not expect –Walgreens.

One of Walgreens’ top performing types of pins are tutorial pins. A tutorial pin is designed exactly how it sounds, with a step-by-step guide for how to make or do something. Another example of how Walgreens curates its Pinterest platform can be found on its Hair Care board.

On the board, you’ll find a mix of product, hairstyle inspiration, hair tutorial tips from both the brand, influencers, and partners.

Hair Care on Pinterest Summer Beauty, Heatless Hairstyles and Shampoos

If your website warrants the inclusion, don’t forget the Pin It button to your website. Also watch this space as Pinterest begins rolling out “Buy” buttons plastered on more than 30 million different product pins, mostly in the fashion and home decor categories.

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