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The one reason why you might not want to give up on Google Plus entirely

Is the pulse finally weakening for Google+ in the wake of recent big decisions from Google? There are a few key reasons to stick around if you want to positively impact how people find your business.

Four years after launching the social network, Google has begun dismantling features like Google Photos (a great service in itself for unlimited photo storage) and Hangouts. A Google Plus profile is also no longer required for using Google products.


If you are a local business, your Google Maps listing and your Google+ posts are typically heavily integrated. Your business may even show up in a ‘breakout’ panel on the main Google search results:

Google Search Results with a ‘Knowledge / Place panel’


As a general rule, businesses don’t need to spend hours a week maintaining their Google Plus pages, however the Google owned property favours itself ahead of a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account and can be a missed opportunity if not optimisedor verified correctly.

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