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Restaurants Are Googling You

Your next restaurant booking may know you job, your title, where you live, your social connections, any special celebrations or whether you are an avid foodie. According to a new report published by OpenTable as social media continues to knock gaping holes in the divide between personal and public, restaurants that do their research are reaping bigger rewards for their efforts.

Hotels have been doing this for sometime – however information from your social profiles is easier to get hold of in 2015. Better information about customers equals better experience (but only if the info is used in the right way). Knowing a customer before they walk through the door won’t fix bad food or poor service, but might just help make a good meal great.






Insights from the survey about customer preferences:

Before the Meal:

  • The menu matters:  86 percent of diners regularly check out menus online before dining out.
  • Everyone’s a critic:  25 percent more people are likely to turn to reviews from other diners than from professional critics.
  • Tech wish list:  85 percent of diners wish they knew how long the wait for a table would be; 83 percent would love to add their names to a waitlist before arriving.
  • Googling guests: Creepy or Cool? 31 percent of respondents think it’s creepy for restaurants to Google them before arriving; 64 percent of consumers wish restaurants knew their seating preferences before walking in the door; and, 18 percent want restaurants to know “absolutely nothing” about them.

During the Meal:

  • Fine dining versus casual dining etiquette:  63 percent of diners eating out at a fine dining restaurant say they “rarely or never” use their phone during the meal, as compared to 35 percent of diners at a full-service casual restaurant.
  • In-meal technology:  25 percent of diners “always” or “frequently” use their phones during meals to research and decide what to order, and 23 percent take photos to purely remember the experience.
  • Mobile payments:  46 percent of diners say they have “never” used a phone to pay at a restaurant but like the idea.

After the Meal:

  • Post-meal tech use:  18 percent of diners routinely interact with a restaurant’s loyalty program using technology.
  • Mobile app download:  Just 6 percent of diners are “very likely” to download the app of an individual restaurant or restaurant group; 31 percent are “very unlikely” and 24 percent are “somewhat unlikely.”

OpenTable an online restaurant reservations service conducted the review  released the “Technology and Dining Out” survey last month based on a US sample.

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