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Reach More Customers with HTML5 Mobile Websites

So we all know how important it is when making an app that we cover both the Android and Apple platforms, and the apps we produce for small and medium businesses automatically cover both. However we also have the ability to simultaneously produce an HTML5 version of the app as a mobile website.

What Does This Mean and Why Should I Care?


If you’ve already had your app made, or are thinking about getting one made, this is a really important new feature. Your existing website is quite likely not optimised for mobile use, and also whilst it might look fine on a smaller screen it may not be taking advantage of the extra technologies and opportunities that mobile phones have over laptop or desktop computers. For example, the ability to connect your customers directly to the business at the push of a button; making a direct phone call or navigating to the location using Google Maps.

However not all features of the native apps can translate to the HTML5 version so it’s not an Either/Or, it’s more of a value added feature of the apps we produce each day for businesses like yours, potentially saving you thousands on (re)developing your website for mobile, and another thing that set’s us apart from our competition.

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