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Planning Your Audience’s Response

Often, we plan our social media posts in a weekly or fortnightly schedule. But do we envisage how our audience might respond to our posts? Some posts like ‘Apples or Oranges – comment which you prefer?’, showed us audience preference – answering, either with apples or oranges, or possibly another favourite fruit. Now when we post, we should be thinking along the same lines. We want to know how our audience might respond to a story we tell, or an image we post. Lets look deeper at post engagement:

We want to ensure the responses are positive and the best way to protect you against risk is planning and foreseeing what our audience may respond with. To see the possible negative responses people might post means we can combat and plan how to respond, and also how to better serve our audience and be a valued resource. The internet is littered with social media fails to demonstrate times when this has clearly not happened.

This article discusses how the SXSW panel experts feel about post engagement and how to get better activity.

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