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Live Chat On Your Website: ‘Do You Have Any Questions?’

Customer service using live chat is proving to be an overwhelmingly popular way to improve customer satisfaction. 73% of consumers feel live chat provides the highest satisfaction levels, compared to email with 63% and 44% for phone.

2015-06-12 12_03_33-amaysim SIM card - Simple mobile plans, low rates. It's your call.

amaysim and many other Telco’s use Live Chat to good effect.

Live chat is not just help to provide online customer support but also to save time. Research elsewhere corroborates the importance of speed in answering questions – 76 seconds is the average time an online customer will wait for help before exiting and email and phone can’t usually handle that time window.

Fortunately live chat is one of most trouble-free technologies available to businesses. In most cases it can be added to a website simply by inserting one or two lines of code.

Of course, businesses still need to make sure staff scheduling and training is introduced and policies around social media and website chat responses are typically needed. There are also well over 50 live chat providers offering ‘plug and play’ live chat software. Take advice on the right solution from your website from an accredited marketing professional, as a little planning goes a long way for live chat implementations.

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