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Instagram Growth Slowing

Overall engagement on Instagram down 19 percent in July, and that follower growth was down 77 percent. Could Instagram’s rapid growth finally be slowing down?

A recent study by Locowise has uncovered follower growth down to 0.34 percent in July (from the higher figure in May of 1.48 percent).

This is still higher than the 0.21 organic Page growth that Facebook averaged in the same month. Whilst Instagram engagement is higher than Facebook by over 2% and almost 3% higher than Twitter, a slowdown is apparent in the previous quarter, sparking internet commentary of “saturation” among the platforms’ 300 million plus users.


Getting the best Instagram Analytics can involve a few steps! In this example Google Analytics is utilised to track referral traffic coming from a businesses Instagram users.

As for tips for coping with any decline?

Social Media Business Boosters offers a few suggestions for keeping on top of Instagram:

  1. Make sure you only post great content that resonates with your audience. Record your analytics and also look into what your competitors are doing and identify what has worked well on their profiles. Move across industries to determine if there is a content tactic or approach that particularly aligns with the behaviour and intent of the Instagram crowd.
  2. Tag your photos with popular tags and broad terms. Include your location when relevant, and be an active participant by commenting on other profiles.
  3. Post your content on optimal days and times of the week.

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