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The #hashtag as a smart front and center marketing tactic

The ABC’s main television channel, ABC1, is being renamed ABC and will have a new tagline, encompassing a social media hashtag for the first time: #ourABC.

The ABC will making sure they use their hashtag in all marketing materials. That means posters, tickets, websites and other collateral where the station can place the hashtag prominently.

Do you know other brands that are considering putting there Hashtag front and center? If you do, it’s important that you use this hashtag in all your communication – this is not something that is going to take hold and spread on its own. By doing that, you let your customers know you’re listening to them.

It will also encourage more use of your hashtag. The ABC believes the hashtag – used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – will encourage audiences to engage and enable a collation of their posts on a new ABC website which will launch on 20 July.

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