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The word podcast is roughly ten years old, and still, the genre is more alive than ever.  Don’t let the term put you off:- big media players like iHeartRadio have packaged their podcast market offerings with the word “talk” and “netcast”.  Today’s top podcasts are full-scale productions with radio or better quality designed for listening on any portable or fixed device.

Podcasts are invariably connected with cars. The secret to radio’s success has always been the drive-time commuter with an estimated 44 percent of all radio listening taking place in the car.In 2015, both Google and Apple rolled out connected-car platforms (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, respectively), and most new cars sold in Australia come with an ability to connect a smartphone to the car’s speakers, or via headset.

Trending data shows there are more podcasters, more listeners, and more services and apps with which to consume your favourite podcast.  Analysts are spotting that more people are using podcasts, although there is still an ambivalent or confused attitude toward them from people in the media world.

What type of podcasts can I subscribe to?

The categories with the most podcasts active in 2015 by percentage:

  1. News & Politics: 61% of podcasts in the category were active
  2. Christianity: 59% active
  3. Professional (Sports & Recreation): 53% active
  4. Philosophy: 52% active
  5. Comedy: 51% active

The least active categories by percentage were Podcasting (23% active), K-12 (25% active), Literature, and Visual Arts (tied at 29% active).

Chart showing a surge in new podcasts beginning in late 2013

The median number of minutes in a typical podcast episode has increased, from 25 minutes in June 2007 to 40 minutes in June 2015. See below.


How Do I Get Started with Podcasts?

Podcasting apps, also known as podcatchers, do more than just play your podcasts. The best-in-class examples download each latest episode for you in the background and update your device with the latest published episodes.

For a great listening experience, the Verge recommends the Overcast app in the iTunes app store. . There are dozens of podcasts apps to choose from on Android, and whittling down the list can be difficult. The Android podcast app recommended highly by the authors is Pocket Casts.

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