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Facebook testing new LinkedIn-style profile tags feature

Mirroring a feature of LinkedIn, Facebook will soon allow you to assign tags to yourself, or your friends.

Facebook will allow users to create Personal Profile tags to help new friends learn something interesting about each other. Friends will also be able to assign tags at your approval.  Tags and descriptions are a handy way to optimise a profile or a piece of content. This new feature may not only assist users search for keywords within profiles – it may also get your Profile making connections with current and former colleagues, clients and friends, and make useful industry contacts.

This is due to the ability for ‘lists’ to be leveraged in Facebook Personal Profiles , so that your content can be visible at different times to family, current and former colleagues, or industry contacts. The latest tags development may help widen the usage of Facebook Personal Profiles as a impactful marketing channel.

2015-07-30 15_44_57-Facebook is testing new tags for your profile page

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