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Facebook Autoresponders The Latest Engagement Tool

You can now deliver a sequence of messages to the 1.19 billion Facebook, much like the way email autoresponders have behave. If you’re not familiar with how this works, you can now send a message 2 after message 1 is consumed, then message 3 after message 2 and so forth.

Sequential messages are a way to send a customer down a sales funnel by sending separate messaging over a time.

Marketo and Mailchimp automatically allow you to connect these audiences. But it’s up to you to set up the flow chart logic. There is no visual drag-and-drop interface.


Your Marketing and Sales Flowchart Just Got More Complicated

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook can also be used for sequencing and re-targeted. Facebook averages more than 3 billion video views per day, so using video ads as part of a sequential advertising strategy can help to capitalise on consumer behavior. And traditional email marketing services like Marketo and Mailchimp can allow you to connect Facebook and Email audiences together. There is no visual drag-and-drop interface (yet) to acheive this, meaning your workflow must, as always, be informed by keeping your business objectives at the center of all your decisions and taking advice on your strategy first.


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