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All you need to know about Windows 10: Meta Meta Review

Upgrade to Windows 10 in August or September is the advice coming from the most trusted technology reviews on the net. You can now upgrade to Windows 10. However, would-be upgraders who aren’t enthusiasts [should] wait to upgrade at least for a few months, until the product is more stable and reliable says Walt Mossberg of Recode.

Improvements to security should be reasons to activate this upgrade sooner than later (especially if you’re on Windows 7 and lacking up-to-date security tools).

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for all qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 devices. It makes sense to upgrade as the new Windows 10 is free and it is a huge improvement on whatever version you’re using. Make your reservation through the Get Windows 10 app. (You can cancel at any time.)

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