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A Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry TEST POST

How many times have you heard that finances are dull and boring and no one wants to read about them? Wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to create engaging content surrounding the financial industry.

Focusing on simply providing the content that customers seek out and observing how other financial institutes are creating their strategies is a very safe place to start.

For anyone simply interested in finance-related topics, here are a few highlights, but definitely check this out for yourself:

  • Timely articles on all things relevant to finance
  • Videos explaining tough topics “simply put”
  • Tips on budgeting and managing debt
  • Tools for estate and retirement planning
  • Resources pertaining to life insurance, obtaining a mortgage, and many more
  • Posts on personal finance and teaching children about money
  • A “working life” section that dives in to self-employment, career management, and its benefits
  • A series of tips, posts, and resources on retirement including traveling information pertaining to those who have retired
  • Columns on light topics such as how to have a happy budget for the holidays
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