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5 Slides That Will Change How You Think About The Internet via Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends

Mary Meeker, a U.S. venture capitalist released the annual report on Internet trends, fast becoming one the most revered studies of where we are now and where we are going. Here are a few noteworthy points that we thought could change the way we think about the Internet.

  1. There are 5.2 billion mobile phone users, up from 80 million in 1995.  That’s 73 percent of the population versus 1 percent. Our lives are driven by mobile. We spend about a third of our waking hours with digital devices In the past seven years, the amount of time we spend with digital media has more than doubled, to 5.6 hours.
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  2. Video accounted for 64 percent of consumer Internet traffic in 2014 (versus 62 percent in 2013) and 55 percent of mobile traffic (versus 52 percent in 2013). Facebook now gets four billion video views per day, up four times in six months.
  3. “Buy buttons” could be the next growth spurt after video. Pinterest and other platforms will begin allowing people to purchase from wherever they happen to spend their time and this is expected to continue.
  4. India could be on track to be the next big internet market. It’s growth is trending upwards for user penetration and could be improved by emerging catalyst companies. India currently has 232 million internet users growing at 37% year over year, making it the third biggest internet market.
  5. The gap between time spent reading print and the proportion of the ad spend is gaping. We can expect print advertising to continue to collapse while mobile advertising has abundant room to grow to the tune of a $25 billion opportunity in the U.S. alone.-Slides-You-Need-To-See-From-Mary-Meeker’s-Internet-Trends

Saying or hearing these words is magic ‘That’s really interesting. I had never thought of it that way before. Thank you’
Mary Meeker

Should you wish to review some 200 pages of charts and analysis, here’s the full slide deck:

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