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7 Ways Mobile Apps Will Boost Your Business

Put your business front and centre on millions of mobile phones with a mobile app.

If you want to keep your business top of mind and easily accessible to your customers then you need to be on their phone.
Businesses now NEED a mobile app for survival.

  • 87% of all connected devices will be mobile by 2017
  • 86% of the mobile time spent by American consumers is devoted to apps (Report by Flurry)

Local businesses are already jumping on board this app revolution and providing these real benefits to their customers.

mobile app business

Don’t get left behind!

Submit Orders

Coffee Shops are using this feature so customers can pre order and pay for their latte so it is waiting for them upon their arrival – what a time saver for the customer

Loyalty Cards

Do your customers always forget their cardboard loyalty cards? Solve their problem by having one on your app. Ease for the customer, breeding greater return business for you.

Geo Target Push Notifications

Restaurants can boost loyalty by sending special offers to customers nearby and for national chains, these notifications can be region and offer specific
Cinemas can send notifications with coupons to fill poorly attended sessions

Buy Online

Customers can browse your products and make purchases directly through your app.


Would you love potential customers to be able to submit a request form? Tradespeople take advantage of this feature to receive quotes and work requests with ease.

Strategic Selling

Anticipate your customers’ needs by marketing on the front foot. Send a news weather alert about the perfect fishing conditions and promote your special on fishing tackle.

Additional Sales Opportunities

Mobile apps and smartphones have opened a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities for businesses. As customers want to be able to interact with businesses on demand, businesses can take advantage of these increased access opportunities. The morning commute to work, waiting in line for movie tickets and sitting in a doctor’s office are all places people could be using their smartphones to shop at your store or engage with your brand.
A mobile app maximizes opportunities for reaching users in these new pockets of time.

Make your business mobile hAPPy today and keep up with your customers. Contact me today to get your business mobile –

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Rae Brindley

Social Media Manager at 2Ear Solutions
Rae Brindley is a passionate and committed professional with experience in sports promotion, event management and education and training. A previous small business owner herself she is excited at the boundless opportunities social media provides for work, rest and play!
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