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What is a Mobile App?

what is a mobile appA mobile app is software designed for iPhone, iPad, HTML 5 and Android. Mobile apps are available for free or to purchase through the relevant distribution platforms i.e. App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). No matter what industry or business, an app will help you connect with your customers and engage with them.

Social Media Business Boosters mobile app development team offer a highly sought after feature called Push Notifications. This feature has the ability to send your customers an unlimited amount of free content alerts to notify them of any updates, events and specials, giving you the ability to extend beyond the internet, into your customers pockets.

“The head office always respond quickly to my emails, help me with my app build when I need them to and the training and on going support they give me is second to none.” ~ Michael Barnett, Licensed Reseller.

An app allows your customers to have all your information in their pocket, readily available any any time.

A mobile app is different to a mobile website which is a smaller scale version of your website, specially for a smartphone or tablet. Social Media Business Boosters create and develops both mobile apps and mobile websites.
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Social Media Business Boosters provide quality, feature-rich mobile apps which are also very affordable!

The team at Social Media Business Boosters are ready to start work on your app right now!

First we need to run through a mobile app development questionnaire with you so that we are all on the same page. We want you to LOVE your new app!

To start the ordering process, please contact your nearest Social Media Business Booster:

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