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Lorel De Angelis

Lorel De Angelis

Lorel De Angelis – Melbourne

City/Town: Melbourne

With over 15 years working with SMEs to promote and market themselves, Lorel enjoys the challenge of new clients and the variety of industries they represent.

What role does social media play in your business?

My business is all about social media and digital footprints.

– We give small businesses a chance to enter the social media and digital environment that is now influencing so much on consumers’ purchasing decision.

– In the digital world, no matter what the size of your business is, there is a fair chance for any business to succeed in marketing their company to their target market.

– Not all business owners are familiar with social media because they are more focused on their business operations. We are here for them to give them a chance to stay on top of their competitors and grow their business.

– Social media is one of the strategies we utilise to market our clients’ businesses, as it is now a vital component in today’s society.

What was your background prior to joining Social Media Business Boosters?

Chagall Social is part of the Chagall Services business that I commenced in 1999.

After a variety of jobs I committed to full time study in 1990. In 1995 I obtained a teaching degree at Deakin.  During this time I learnt a lot about communication and the challenges people face when learning.  Additional studies in teaching adults as well as volunteering to improve the literacy of the disadvantaged provided additional insight.  Upon graduating I entered the corporate world with two of the big four banks, working as a consultant in the area of information management.  It was the era of quality circles, constant improvement and countless meetings.

After a number of years, I decided to continue my studies.  By the end of the first year of studying for my MBA, I was working in Information Management full time, renovating a house and pregnant with twins.  I started to see how the MBA and my experience in the corporate world gave me a lot to offer small business owners who were also trying to juggle it all.  By the time my two girls were born I acted upon her desire to help others and started Chagall.

I am passionate about creating change for small business owners, giving them the chance to grow their business and compete with larger organisations without having to spend more than they can afford. With my team I have realised that social media is a fantastic way for small business owners to market and promote their business.

Can you tell us a little about your existing marketing experience/skills?

I have spent a great deal of time developing and implementing marketing strategies for small business including identifying their target markets, creating their message and planning how to
deliver the message effectively.

Creativity is also something I love – helping come up with different ideas so each client can stand out from the crowd that is their competition.

What types of companies have you served previously?

I have worked with businesses of all sizes, shapes and styles across all types of industries. For blue chip corporate to landscaping services, from not for profit organisations to registered training organisations.

How did you get into the social media business?

Chagall has always worked with small business and marketing so social media was the obvious next step or next service to move to.

Society has quickly changed to the digital age. Computers and emails are no longer the trend as mobile phones are now the most used communication device today. As a marketer, I need to keep up with how people communicate and connect with each other because if we want to grow our businesses, we need to enter the space where communication is being held.

I am extremely curious as to how marketing communication is changing. We are no longer mass communicating with our customers. Our communication is no longer a one way trip. There is now a two way communication between us and our customers. We need to acknowledge that in social media and improve the way we interact with them.

What’s the most important change for you in the last year to do with technology that you want to share?

Our business has quickly grown in our marketing division. We now have clients who demand for social media help, as they too now realise its importance. We now have dedicated staff to look after the social media section, and with their experience, we are sure to provide our clients with the best social media strategies and action. We readily adopt new technology and staying up to date is the greatest challenge we have faced or will face.

We constantly familiarise ourselves with the different social media platforms, software, add ons etc.

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