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If you want to drive a specific audience to your Facebook Page or website, then Facebook Ads is a quick way to do both. Brands are flocking to the biggest social network in the world to spend their advertising dollars with Facebook ads.

facebook-adsFacebook Advertising claims to reach “more people, on more devices more often than anywhere else.

Many marketers have tried Facebook ads, especially in their early days, and decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. In fact, Facebook is on track to make over $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising so somebody is clicking those ads!

Facebook’s self-serve ad platform allows advertisers to manage multiple campaigns at once and choose pricing options that fit their budget – all you need is a Facebook account.
But once you start looking at the options, you can quickly become confused.

Where do you start and is your business a good fit for Facebook ads??

Social Media Business Boosters are here to take the overwhelm off your shoulders and deliver you results.

First we will complete a thorough business analysis questionnaire with you so that we can determine your Target Audience, Goals, Sales Funnel and put together an action plan.

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