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7 Ways Mobile Apps Will Boost Your Business

7 Ways Mobile Apps Will Boost Your Business

Put your business front and centre on millions of mobile phones with a mobile app.

If you want to keep your business top of mind and easily accessible to your customers then you need to be on their phone.
Businesses now NEED a mobile app for survival.

  • 87% of all connected devices will be mobile by 2017
  • 86% of the mobile time spent by American consumers is devoted to apps (Report by Flurry)

Local businesses are already jumping on board this app revolution and providing these real benefits to their customers.

mobile app business

Don’t get left behind!

Submit Orders

Coffee Shops are using this feature so customers can pre order and pay for their latte so it is waiting for them upon their arrival – what a time saver for the customer

Loyalty Cards

Do your customers always forget their cardboard loyalty cards? Solve their problem by having one on your app. Ease for the customer, breeding greater return business for you.

Geo Target Push Notifications

Restaurants can boost loyalty by sending special offers to customers nearby and for national chains, these notifications can be region and offer specific
Cinemas can send notifications with coupons to fill poorly attended sessions

Buy Online

Customers can browse your products and make purchases directly through your app.


Would you love potential customers to be able to submit a request form? Tradespeople take advantage of this feature to receive quotes and work requests with ease.

Strategic Selling

Anticipate your customers’ needs by marketing on the front foot. Send a news weather alert about the perfect fishing conditions and promote your special on fishing tackle.

Additional Sales Opportunities

Mobile apps and smartphones have opened a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities for businesses. As customers want to be able to interact with businesses on demand, businesses can take advantage of these increased access opportunities. The morning commute to work, waiting in line for movie tickets and sitting in a doctor’s office are all places people could be using their smartphones to shop at your store or engage with your brand.
A mobile app maximizes opportunities for reaching users in these new pockets of time.

Make your business mobile hAPPy today and keep up with your customers. Contact me today to get your business mobile –

Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

Marketing to Generation Z: How an Emoji is worth a Thousand Words

emoji social media perthThe Emoji has transformed how you market to the young Millennial’s and Generation Z’s. The power of words has been replaced by the power of Emoji.

But before you shake your head in despair of growing illiteracy levels, just remember the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words”. A single facial expression, sign or image is all it takes to convey the most complicated message.

There’s a reason why images are the most powerful and effective way to share a message or tell a story. Simply put, we live in a visual world.

Marketers already capitalise on images to attract attention and communicate messages quickly, simply and unforgettably. The key here is emotion – we know stimulating emotions will enhance memory.

The Emoji is just the next progression of image communication.

Today’s young communicate via Snap Chat, text with code (LOL – easy to break) and now, increasingly, message with emojis – the single image that says a whole lot more.

Savvy brands are now using emojis to communicate with their young target audience. This demonstrates how they are on top of the latest communication trends, transcends any language barriers and, at the end of the day, conveys their message in trendy, simple ways.

As an example, check out this campaign PETA launched in 2014 – a brilliant example of a serious message communicated only via emoji.

So how do you access emoji?

It’s simple but varies depending on what device you have – this link explains in words and pictures!! –

The key to successful marketing for any business is knowing your target audience. So if you are marketing to anyone under the age of 25, you must understand how to communicate in their native tongue – the language of Emoji!

For the latest in marketing trends and advice for your business, please contact Rae on 0498 088 318 for a free chat.

One Essential Rule to Avoid Breaking Image Copyright Laws

One Essential Rule to Avoid Breaking Image Copyright Laws

Websites, social media and blogging have made copyright issues downright confusing.

It is so easy to copy, download and share images off the web that you do it without thinking. But just because you can, does not mean you’re allowed.

Copyright imagesWhat is copyright?

Copyright means having the legal right to reproduce and to communicate your work. As soon as you snap or create an original image, you have automatic copyright of that work, whether you stamp it with a little © or not. No-one else can use it without your permission (except Facebook of course!)

Hence the majority of all sharing, pinning, retweeting and posting of images (including memes) undertaken on the internet and social media in Australia today, technically breaks copyright law. The fact that we are not all before the court on copyright infringements is due to the costly and complex process of laying charges. (And not to mention the web is a rather large place to police)

Respect copyright ownership

Since marketers and business owners use the internet for commercial purposes, we bear both a legal and moral responsibility to respect copyright law. Do not assume by simply acknowledging the original artist it releases you from violations. You are actually using someone else’s material for your commercial gain (does the word stealing strike a chord here?).

Copyright owners are now going to greater lengths to protect their rights. Major image libraries are using sophisticated image-matching robots to crawl the web to identify where their images are being used without permission!!


The number one rule to ensure your legal safety with the use of images is simple – create your own. But then be mindful that:

  • You own the copyright, not a contractor
  • You have model release (if there is a person in the photo)
  • You have not taken a photo of a substantial part of a literary or artistic work

What if you can’t create your own? Then you must assume every other photo in existence is copyrighted by someone else. To legally use other artist’s images, you have several options:

  • Ask permission of the owner
  • Wait til copyright duration has expired and the work is in the public domain
  • Use images with Creative Commons licenses (must attribute creator) or “clip art”
  • You acknowledge the owner and use of the image would fall under the legal category “fair dealing” (when used in your school assignment or for reporting facts and news)
  • Join a stock photo site but ensure you check the sites’ terms of use


So in laymen’s terms DO NOT

  • Copy and paste images from the internet and use them for your business
  • Remove watermarks
  • Add your logo to someone else’s images

I also then hear you ask – Can I take a photograph in public that contains images of people I don’t know? Short answer yes, long answer and exceptions read here

I emphasise that this article is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer. I am a business owner who has joined a stock photo site to respect the rights of artists (term used loosely).

Rae Brindley, 2Ear Solutions,

Til Facebook Death Do Us Part!

Til Facebook Death Do Us Part!

Do you know what happens to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts when you step into the grave??

Your social accounts contain valuable information, photos, connections, historical records, videos and family stories that exist nowhere else and are of enormous sentimental value. Even though you are no longer around to tweet, share and pin, your loved ones may want access and download your digital content.

facebook-after-deathYou thought dealing with a bank account of a deceased family member was stressful enough – try accessing their online personas.

Many social accounts (if you do not know their passwords) cannot be turned over to a third party so accounts of deceased are subject to permanent deletion – this means those valuable photos, stories and videos are lost forever.

Dropbox deletes inactive accounts after 90 days, while other accounts such as Twitter, Gmail and Hotmail may provide you with some of the contents of the account but will not grant you access. Oh, but don’t forget this is an incredibly lengthy, stressful and document laden process.

Facebook will memorialise an account or delete it if provided with correct paperwork but will not give a third party access to it.

It is important to remember that Australian privacy laws currently restrict third party access to loved ones’ digital information.

So what can you do – digital planning

  • Make a list of all your online accounts, usernames and passwords in an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Ensure these are stored on an external and encrypted hard drive – you don’t want someone to access your accounts before you’ve kicked the bucket!!
  • Appoint a trustee and give instructions in your will on how you want your accounts dealt with
  • Google has a great service called “Inactive Account Manager” – you get to decide what happens to all of your Google accounts once you stop using your account

And don’t forget your mobile phone password and ebay account!!

Take action today and please share this information with your loved ones.

The Most Influential Market of All!!

The Most Influential Market of All!!

If you are not marketing to, designing your campaigns around or on “those” platforms, then you are missing out on serious opportunities.

Which market am I referring to – the FEMALE market!

  • Women are earning, spending and influencing spending at a greater rate than ever before. The facts are
  • Women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the USA
  • It is predicted that in the next decade women will control two thirds of consumer wealth
  • Women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions
  • Women purchase over 50% of traditional male products including cars and home improvement products

It is therefore imperative that all businesses recognise the power and influence of women and prioritise their marketing efforts to this dominant demographic.

Understanding Women

The first step in this process is understanding “What Women Want”. Impossible!!!

Ok let me rephrase – you need to research:

  • What motivates women’s purchasing decisions?
  • Who influences women’s purchasing decisions?
  • Which social media platforms are these women on?
  • When are these women on-line?

Let’s look more closely at two core sub-sets of the female demographic

1. Mum Power

  • Mums represent a $2.4 trillion market
  • 90% of mums are online vs. just 76% of women in general
  • 64% of mums ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product
  • 63% of all mothers surveyed consider other mums the most credible experts when they have question

2. Women On-Line

  • 78% of women in the US use the Internet for product information before making a purchase
  • 22% of women shop online at least once a day
  • 92% pass along information about deals or finds to others
  • The average number of contacts in their e-mail or mobile lists is 171
  • 76% want to be part of a special or select panel

Is this information ringing some alarm bells in your current marketing strategy?

This is not meant to be a feminist statement but when it comes to successful marketing strategies and strategists – Women Rule!

If you need some assistance with your social media strategy either ask a woman or drop me an email – (yes, I am woman)


The Power of Facebook for Sporting Clubs

The Power of Facebook for Sporting Clubs

Winning isn’t everything but here are 9 ways Facebook can produce winning results for your club.

Why are you involved in a sports club? For the money, the fame – we wish. If you are like me you volunteer your time and participate in grass root sports because you value:

  • Contributing to the community
  • Being active and healthy
  • Teaching your kids the basic principles of life
  • Creating lifelong relationships and friendships
  • And above all having a great social time!

Let me emphasise three keywords here:  CommunityRelationshipsSocial

Those three principles are exactly why Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook.

Facebook for Sporting Clubs

Do you need to grow your club membership or want to give your members, fans and sponsors superior value and service – then Facebook is your answer. Here are some great reasons why your club should engage with Facebook. You can:

  1. Effectively communicate with your members
  2. Increase the social aspect of your club
  3. Enhance sponsorship opportunities
  4. Promote your events to a wider audience
  5. Get feedback from your members through polls
  6. Reward and recognise your members with competitions and promotions
  7. Keep your members up to date with fixtures and results
  8. Post photos, creating a visual history of the club
  9. Activate the location feature so every time your members check in, this promotes your club

Your Facebook Page will become the social hub of your club. Your members will have access to up to date information and will interact with other members of the club’s community.
Yes, there are a couple of small hurdles like the time factor and identifying who has the skills to manage the page effectively. Unfortunately you can’t just leave a Facebook Page sitting idle. But if you didn’t like hurdles you wouldn’t be involved in sport, would you?

There a lots of tricks of the trade to running a successful Facebook Page with limited time and I would love to teach you all about them.
If your club is thinking about jumping onto Facebook and don’t know the best way to go about it or need additional advice on how to increase engagement with your members, just drop me an email

Are you a Content Jargon Junkie?

Are you a Content Jargon Junkie?

How much information read online do you actually comprehend?

How confusing are abbreviations, acronyms and business jargon?

Are you a causality of jargon overuse?

We all get so caught up in writing in our own lingo that we forget for whom we are writing. Remember your goal is to educate and convert your readers to customers. This is difficult to achieve if your readers can’t understand what you have written.

content jargon

 The best way to arouse and hold the attention of your readers is to be clear, specific, definite and concise. Here are some great tips to ensure you are understood!

  • Omit needless words
  • Avoid fancy words
  • Say what you mean
  • Write clearly and specifically
  • Here is my Jargon Junkie Test

Does this paragraph make sense to you?

At the end of the day to be on the same page we need to buy-in to our core competencies. From here we will raise the bar by pushing the envelope to think outside the box and incentivise our leaders to empower our ecosystem. This will require a paradigm shift in ideation that will provide key takeaways for our champions to drill down to provide a holistic impact and provide knowledge transfer to our target audience. All of our ducks will then be in a row and we’ll be awesome!

If you answer “yes” then you need to surrender to a jargon detox program?

GrammarCheck have produced a helpful infographic titled “Ten Common Blog Writing Mistakes” that educates you on the basics of correct grammar – we didn’t all get A+ for Year 12 English.

I wish to add value to GrammarCheck by creating JargonCheck. When proof reading your blog, if any of the above bolded words or phrases appears, delete and replace with a real word that says what you mean. For example replace “knowledge transfer” with “we will teach you”.

If the word “awesome” appears at all, please delete and vow never to use again.

If you would like any assistance or training on how to write, develop and implement a successful content marketing strategy for your business, please email me.

Rae Brindley:

10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes (Infographic)An infographic by GrammarCheck

How to Increase Exposure for Your Great Content in 9 Easy Steps

How to Increase Exposure for Your Great Content in 9 Easy Steps

Do you have great content, blogs, ebooks, information, videos, presentations or resources that you want the world to see?

Hello WorldBusinesses and brands put a lot of time, energy and money into resource development and then forget to promote it. Don’t post once and forget – that comes under the failing of “build it and they will come”.

You need to plant an orchard and tend the garden – who thought I had a green thumb!

Jeff Bullas recently posted about the art of content hustling – I prefer a less intrusive term – shake your bootie! But what he listed hit the nail on the head.

Before you publish

  1. Check your headline will grab your readers’ attention – blog posts don’t go viral – headlines do
  2. Proof read your resource to ensure it is littered nicely with your keywords
  3. Verify your image is 400 x 209 minimum in size but in the ratio of 1.91:1
  4. Ensure your meta description is emotionally grabbing to your audience – this is what they will see in the thumbnail so you must make it irresistible for them to engage
  5. Complete your SEO basics by ensuring your keywords are in your category, tags, meta description and the image alt tag

Bootie Shaking

1. Post to Facebook

  • Utilise hashtags
  • If Facebook hasn’t selected the photo you want, manually insert a larger image
  • Don’t forget to do the same to Google+

2. Tweet It

  • You can use more hashtags here
  • Don’t forget the headline and link
  • If you have the time utilise the picture capabilities of Twitter
  • Tweet liberally

3. LinkedIn

  • Also post it to any of your groups to which the resource is relevant

4. Email

  • Don’t include your entire blog. Post an enticing introduction and hyperlink them to the complete resource

You have valuable content – make it easy for people to find and share

If you would like assistance or training in this area contact me at

Why Social Media Training Can Profit your Sport and Business

Why Social Media Training Can Profit your Sport and Business

training social mediaInvesting time and money in educating your personnel is often touted as a waste of dollars.

When I discuss this topic with business owners and sports organisations I am asked two basic budget questions: “will this make us money?”, or “will it save us money?”

A recent study reported by Chris Syme on Social Media Today concluded that social media training and education can achieve both. How?

  1. Reputation Management – negative impacts from reputation damaging social media incidents translate directly to the back pocket. You can no longer escape the game of social media – you can elect not to play and watch and lose-out from the sidelines or you can jump on the field and take control of the outcome and opportunities of your game
  2. Foster relationships and Increase Promotion – Think of the opportunities in empowering your staff, executives, coaches etc to promote your brand in a way that builds a force of loyal fans. You automatically have access to a wider target audience to promote your brand, partners and sponsors.

Does your organisation

  • Want to increase their sponsorship dollars
  • Need to service their partnerships more successfully
  • Need to manage and enhance their public reputation

If you answer yes to any of the above then it’s clear that social media is a vital weapon to your organisation’s success.

Social media training will accomplish your goals, from the basic risk mitigation side all the way to teaching people how to use social media to drive business operations.

Social media training is a wise investment in your bottom line. If you’d like to learn more and see how I can empower your organisation to grab the social media ball and score (no touchdown comment) then simply send me an email or contact me via my website or facebook.


How Sport Can Profit from Social Media

How Sport Can Profit from Social Media

Social Media for SportFor being one of the largest and most visual industries on the planet, the sporting industry’s social media presence seems unusually quiet.

I’m not talking about the thousands of fans following Shane Warne, but how the clubs and teams seem to be lagging in their take up of this powerful marketing tool.

After all sport is a business, from grassroots community clubs to the multimillion dollar football teams. They are looking for a profit yet their marketing models are behind the digital times.

Social media is the basis for any fruitful marketing plan and considering social media and sport is a match made in heaven, the business of sport needs to jump on board.

To begin with social media is a very cost effective marketing and communication solution.

Through integrating their websites with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms, sporting associations can not only provide a greater buzz and experience for their fans but also boost their revenue streams.

By building their social media presence, sporting groups can

  • Increase brand awareness and traffic flow to their website that will increase merchandise sales
  • Promote their events to a wider audience, boosting ticket sales
  • Activate brand messages that will enhance fundraising opportunities
  • Build business partnerships and sponsorship deals

Gone are the days of simply putting up a sign at a stadium. Sponsors want to take advantage of the rich emotion that is attached to sporting teams, and social media provides the avenue for sports to deliver.

No matter if you are the community basketball club or a state level sporting association, you can leverage the power of social media to benefit your organisation.

You must however embark on this journey with meaning and direction. The success of any social media campaign begins with a thoughtfully planned social media strategy.

If your sporting organisation needs assistance in taking this first step, please contact me at or

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