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Facebook Videos Over YouTube

Facebook Videos Over YouTube

The below SEVEN tips should explain why you should embed videos into Facebook over YouTube:

  1. Better Results: When compared to offsite video links, videos directly uploaded to Facebook has 2.5X higher CTR, 3.5X lower CPC, and images are 11X larger than links to offsite video, ensuring your brand gets noticed in the News Feed.
  2. Comprehensive metrics to understand how well your video is performing: You will now be able to see in-depth metrics such as video views, unique video views, average duration of video viewed, audience retention graph, video views to 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100%, cost per video view, and clicks to play video. These metrics will help you better understand how your videos are performing on Facebook so you can make informed decisions about your current and future campaigns. If you embed a video from another video player or link to a video off Facebook, you will have much more limited data to help evaluate and optimize campaigns.
  3. Call-to-Action button to drive action after a video view: With Video ads, you can drive people offsite with call to action which appears at the end of the video; With YouTube video link ad, people will only be directed to YouTube.
  4. Video ads Re-targeting: You can re-target viewers of your videos with native Facebook video ads – no pixels required. You can show a re-targeted ad to people who have viewed a video after the initial campaign collects at least 1,000 paid video ad views in one day (but you will need to be white-listed). The re-marketing ad can either be another video continuing your brand story, or a link ad driving people to convert (down your marketing funnel from brand awareness for conversion).

    NOTE: For premium Video Ads, advertisers have to wait until the campaign ends before they can re-target.

  5. Optimised for views: Using CPM bidding and choosing the “Video Views” objective, we optimise for the cheapest video views while video link ad is optimised for engagement only; we are seeing very competitive and cost effective CPV (cost per view) now.

  6. Auto-play function for organic views: Only videos uploaded directly to Facebook will automatically begin playing. Videos from Instagram will automatically begin playing, too. Videos from YouTube will not automatically play.

  7. You can customise thumbnails for your Facebook native video. If you use different thumbnails for different target audiences, video view will improve significantly.



The Ins and Outs of Facebook Promotion

The Ins and Outs of Facebook Promotion

Facebook-PromotionsSocial Media Business Boosters have put together a super-guide filled with everything you need to know about Facebook Promotions. Starting with defining what Facebook Promotions are, and how they can help your business, to lists of content ideas and types of promotions to benefit your business.

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Did Facebook Save My Sanity?

Did Facebook Save My Sanity?

My social media background has been an interesting period of my career to reflect back on.

Kate Mather

When I was a busy mum of an 8 year old girl and 2 year old twin boys I decided that I needed to start a business (I think we will blame sleep deprivation on that one!).

The business was to be flexible, challenging and a rewarding distraction from my daily duties as I needed some gratification other than keeping bottoms clean or listening to nightly readers (those worn torn books that come home with your child from school held together with sticky tape all over them when your child is learning to read).

So my business Gum Tree Lane was born!!

An Australian Bush fragrance and essential oil range and I had to market it…Facebook was new, it was exciting and I was told it was all I really needed. So I began, perhaps stumbled into it.

I had previously worked in PR and Marketing and so this next step would be an easy and rewarding one…so I thought! Moving forward 6 months too actually remembering Facebook existed I started to work away at it. Now – an addiction was born!! and I have loved every second of it!

Social media made sense as for me my favourite way to correspond was always through writing. Notes to my dad while he watched TV and I was meant to be asleep in bed, notes to friends written the moment I got home from school and added to as the night progressed and then exchanged before school began the next day. Notes in the classroom while the teacher seemed to mouth…something.

I made a success of Gum Tree Lane’s retail division through Facebook marketing and then went onto helping other businesses make a success of theirs.

Now I have decided that I need more in my life, daughter 16 and twins 10 and have begun the most exciting endeavour yet…Profile Digital Group | Social Media Business Boosters a franchise that offers substantial and continual expertise in this fast paced platform…with ongoing research, development and astute business integrity Profile Digital Group can assist all models of business, achieve the outcomes they have been longing for through social media strategies.

By being with a team at the forefront of this industry we can offer our customers a substantial slice of the social media pie!

I have turned my passion into my business!!