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Advertise on Instagram – The Complete Guide to the Latest Announcement

Advertise on Instagram - The Complete Guide to the Latest Announcement

The latest worldwide release of the advertising platform opens the platform up to a global audience, with Instagram hoping Australian businesses will want to reach the 5 million monthly users in Australia via paid efforts. Until Wednesday, Instagram ads had only been available in a select few countries, including Australia.

Case studies published by Instagram highlight impressive results: Retailer Gilt Groupe turned to Instagram to win new customers, and ran a campaign that drove an 85% lift in app installs;  designer furniture retailer’s ads yielded a 10% order value increase versus its benchmark. We Are Social noted that at a recent private event Instagram revealed they had seen a 30 per cent growth in the last 12 months.

Ads on Instagram

Ads on Instagram


As part of the announcement, Instagram will allow advertisers to run 30-second video ads including  landscape sized ads (meaning businesses can easily port their television commercials into Instagram ads).

Commerce and app install ads will make the photo network more valuable to merchants wanting a targeted return on investment. Facebook (owner of Instagram after their 2013 acquisition of the photo conversation service) have opened up its basic ad interface and the Ads Power Editor to marketers running Instagram ad campaigns.

This will make the interest and demographic targeting features a valuable ad option for business.


Get Started With Podcasts Today

Get Started With Podcasts Today

The word podcast is roughly ten years old, and still, the genre is more alive than ever.  Don’t let the term put you off:- big media players like iHeartRadio have packaged their podcast market offerings with the word “talk” and “netcast”.  Today’s top podcasts are full-scale productions with radio or better quality designed for listening on any portable or fixed device.

Podcasts are invariably connected with cars. The secret to radio’s success has always been the drive-time commuter with an estimated 44 percent of all radio listening taking place in the car.In 2015, both Google and Apple rolled out connected-car platforms (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, respectively), and most new cars sold in Australia come with an ability to connect a smartphone to the car’s speakers, or via headset.

Trending data shows there are more podcasters, more listeners, and more services and apps with which to consume your favourite podcast.  Analysts are spotting that more people are using podcasts, although there is still an ambivalent or confused attitude toward them from people in the media world.

What type of podcasts can I subscribe to?

The categories with the most podcasts active in 2015 by percentage:

  1. News & Politics: 61% of podcasts in the category were active
  2. Christianity: 59% active
  3. Professional (Sports & Recreation): 53% active
  4. Philosophy: 52% active
  5. Comedy: 51% active

The least active categories by percentage were Podcasting (23% active), K-12 (25% active), Literature, and Visual Arts (tied at 29% active).

Chart showing a surge in new podcasts beginning in late 2013

The median number of minutes in a typical podcast episode has increased, from 25 minutes in June 2007 to 40 minutes in June 2015. See below.


How Do I Get Started with Podcasts?

Podcasting apps, also known as podcatchers, do more than just play your podcasts. The best-in-class examples download each latest episode for you in the background and update your device with the latest published episodes.

For a great listening experience, the Verge recommends the Overcast app in the iTunes app store. . There are dozens of podcasts apps to choose from on Android, and whittling down the list can be difficult. The Android podcast app recommended highly by the authors is Pocket Casts.

Instagram Growth Slowing

Instagram Growth Slowing

Overall engagement on Instagram down 19 percent in July, and that follower growth was down 77 percent. Could Instagram’s rapid growth finally be slowing down?

A recent study by Locowise has uncovered follower growth down to 0.34 percent in July (from the higher figure in May of 1.48 percent).

This is still higher than the 0.21 organic Page growth that Facebook averaged in the same month. Whilst Instagram engagement is higher than Facebook by over 2% and almost 3% higher than Twitter, a slowdown is apparent in the previous quarter, sparking internet commentary of “saturation” among the platforms’ 300 million plus users.


Getting the best Instagram Analytics can involve a few steps! In this example Google Analytics is utilised to track referral traffic coming from a businesses Instagram users.

As for tips for coping with any decline?

Social Media Business Boosters offers a few suggestions for keeping on top of Instagram:

  1. Make sure you only post great content that resonates with your audience. Record your analytics and also look into what your competitors are doing and identify what has worked well on their profiles. Move across industries to determine if there is a content tactic or approach that particularly aligns with the behaviour and intent of the Instagram crowd.
  2. Tag your photos with popular tags and broad terms. Include your location when relevant, and be an active participant by commenting on other profiles.
  3. Post your content on optimal days and times of the week.

Reach More Customers with HTML5 Mobile Websites

Reach More Customers with HTML5 Mobile Websites

So we all know how important it is when making an app that we cover both the Android and Apple platforms, and the apps we produce for small and medium businesses automatically cover both. However we also have the ability to simultaneously produce an HTML5 version of the app as a mobile website.

What Does This Mean and Why Should I Care?


If you’ve already had your app made, or are thinking about getting one made, this is a really important new feature. Your existing website is quite likely not optimised for mobile use, and also whilst it might look fine on a smaller screen it may not be taking advantage of the extra technologies and opportunities that mobile phones have over laptop or desktop computers. For example, the ability to connect your customers directly to the business at the push of a button; making a direct phone call or navigating to the location using Google Maps.

However not all features of the native apps can translate to the HTML5 version so it’s not an Either/Or, it’s more of a value added feature of the apps we produce each day for businesses like yours, potentially saving you thousands on (re)developing your website for mobile, and another thing that set’s us apart from our competition.

Talk to us today about your mobile app project!

The one reason why you might not want to give up on Google Plus entirely

The one reason why you might not want to give up on Google Plus entirely

Is the pulse finally weakening for Google+ in the wake of recent big decisions from Google? There are a few key reasons to stick around if you want to positively impact how people find your business.

Read more

Facebook testing new LinkedIn-style profile tags feature

Facebook testing new LinkedIn-style profile tags feature

Mirroring a feature of LinkedIn, Facebook will soon allow you to assign tags to yourself, or your friends.

Facebook will allow users to create Personal Profile tags to help new friends learn something interesting about each other. Friends will also be able to assign tags at your approval.  Tags and descriptions are a handy way to optimise a profile or a piece of content. Read more

All you need to know about Windows 10: Meta Meta Review

All you need to know about Windows 10: Meta Meta Review

Upgrade to Windows 10 in August or September is the advice coming from the most trusted technology reviews on the net. You can now upgrade to Windows 10. However, would-be upgraders who aren’t enthusiasts [should] wait to upgrade at least for a few months, until the product is more stable and reliable says Walt Mossberg of Recode.

Improvements to security should be reasons to activate this upgrade sooner than later (especially if you’re on Windows 7 and lacking up-to-date security tools).

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for all qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 devices. It makes sense to upgrade as the new Windows 10 is free and it is a huge improvement on whatever version you’re using. Make your reservation through the Get Windows 10 app. (You can cancel at any time.)

Facebook Autoresponders The Latest Engagement Tool

Facebook Autoresponders The Latest Engagement Tool

You can now deliver a sequence of messages to the 1.19 billion Facebook, much like the way email autoresponders have behave. If you’re not familiar with how this works, you can now send a message 2 after message 1 is consumed, then message 3 after message 2 and so forth. Read more

Restaurants Are Googling You

Restaurants Are Googling You

Your next restaurant booking may know you job, your title, where you live, your social connections, any special celebrations or whether you are an avid foodie. According to a new report published by OpenTable as social media continues to knock gaping holes in the divide between personal and public, restaurants that do their research are reaping bigger rewards for their efforts.

Hotels have been doing this for sometime – however information from your social profiles is easier to get hold of in 2015. Better information about customers equals better experience (but only if the info is used in the right way). Knowing a customer before they walk through the door won’t fix bad food or poor service, but might just help make a good meal great.






Insights from the survey about customer preferences:

Before the Meal:

  • The menu matters:  86 percent of diners regularly check out menus online before dining out.
  • Everyone’s a critic:  25 percent more people are likely to turn to reviews from other diners than from professional critics.
  • Tech wish list:  85 percent of diners wish they knew how long the wait for a table would be; 83 percent would love to add their names to a waitlist before arriving.
  • Googling guests: Creepy or Cool? 31 percent of respondents think it’s creepy for restaurants to Google them before arriving; 64 percent of consumers wish restaurants knew their seating preferences before walking in the door; and, 18 percent want restaurants to know “absolutely nothing” about them.

During the Meal:

  • Fine dining versus casual dining etiquette:  63 percent of diners eating out at a fine dining restaurant say they “rarely or never” use their phone during the meal, as compared to 35 percent of diners at a full-service casual restaurant.
  • In-meal technology:  25 percent of diners “always” or “frequently” use their phones during meals to research and decide what to order, and 23 percent take photos to purely remember the experience.
  • Mobile payments:  46 percent of diners say they have “never” used a phone to pay at a restaurant but like the idea.

After the Meal:

  • Post-meal tech use:  18 percent of diners routinely interact with a restaurant’s loyalty program using technology.
  • Mobile app download:  Just 6 percent of diners are “very likely” to download the app of an individual restaurant or restaurant group; 31 percent are “very unlikely” and 24 percent are “somewhat unlikely.”

OpenTable an online restaurant reservations service conducted the review  released the “Technology and Dining Out” survey last month based on a US sample.

Why You Need An Effective Facebook Video Strategy

Why You Need An Effective Facebook Video Strategy

If you’re watching a video today on Facebook you will be part of Facebook’s new plan to rule video. As video watchers spend more time on that than they do reading a regular post video will now get more ‘credit’ based on a new change to the Facecbook algorithm. Read more

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