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Beating Bullying and Social Media

Beating Bullying and Social Media

In the face of increasingly shocking headlines, an underlying issue exists around cyberbullying using Social Media.

The online environment carries a perceived anonymity and distance from the victim for abusers. Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass others in a deliberate, abusive manner – either through email, text message, instant message, or through posts on website forums and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

The headlines belie a complex and worrying behaviour online.

For anyone working alongside a public identity, or is a public figure themselves there is a responsibility to identify and address the issue early.

In Australia the Criminal Code Act 1995, makes it an offence to misuse telecommunication services to menace, threaten or hoax other persons.

In addition, anti-stalking laws have been used in cases of cyberbullying. An example is the 2010 prosecution for stalking in Victoria by a man who sent several threatening text messages to a person who then committed suicide.

The perpetrator pleaded guilty to the charge and received an 18- month community-based order.

‘Think Before You Type’

Government must invest in online safety if we are to better protect people from the impact of cyber-bullying and reduce its prevalence.

Special efforts are needed to address the disproportionate level of cyberbullying that occurs among girls, LGBT youth, and youth with disabilities.

As an industry we need to coordinate efforts to help set standards about what is acceptable behaviour online. Educational efforts could target youth with messages about tolerance and respect, and outreach efforts should target these vulnerable groups with messages of support and information on how to seek help if involved in cyberbullying.

Professional marketing organisations and agencies could make publicly available best-practice social media risk matrices and filtering guides for the public to utilise.

It is crucially important to use a combination of search filters and blocking practices in place to – at least partially – shield cyberbullying attempts. Filters and blocking are simple actions  are easy to set up when you are first establishing your presence on social media or at any time.

For those who think they are or may be the victims of criminal conduct, the first step must always be to report matters to the police. Do not shut down a social media account before consulting with the police, as vital evidence may be lost in the process. 

Cyber bullying

Why Marketing at Christmas Has Never Been So Important

Australia’s major holiday break tends to fall from late December through to Australia Day on January 26th with many in 2014 not returning to work until Tuesday January 28th!

For most of us this break is undoubtedly well deserved – however it can also lead to high levels of stress. For many business types throughout October to December covering cash flow during this time and particularly when the business closes over the break required focussed attention.

Taking another view for a moment, what if this January holiday period can be used to great benefit to business bottom lines? If you haven’t planned ahead now is the time to realise that the volume of social media interaction and the volume of search and social activity performed throughout January in reaches an annual peak well above any other calendar month.

Christmas MarketingContent creation, content sharing and social content discovery receive remarkable boosts: everything from personal and business products and services to new business opportunities and jobs get more attention.

This is enhanced by the fact that device portability is at an all-time-high. It is easy to see why those businesses that increase social media marketing and digital advertising throughout this period have strong results.

Set up specific content calendars and campaigns to capture your target market at just the right times and you could return from your break with a much stronger outlook than you forecast!


Outsource Or Specialise? Why Marketing Consultants Are On The Up and Up

Whether it is building a Facebook campaign, designing an email newsletter or getting help on how to optimise for keywords on your website the challenge is always to be informed AND to choose the best use of your time. For a raft of businesses they are choosing outsourcing as a means of saving time and bringing in experts.

Marketing has become more complex in the last few years with digital and online marketing, relationship marketing and green marketing all areas of marketing that previously were unheard of. Those that understand marketing as a key business function are choosing to outsource to consultants and focus on what they do best – their core business.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 61percent of large companies and 44 percent of small companies outsource their content creation each day. Outsourcing can simply be a means of saving time and bringing in external experts.

A proven franchised consultancy network correctly pitches itself as the perfect marketing partner to offer a long term and focussed marketing strategy encapsulating the latest social media marketing techniques. We see the choice between outsourcing or focussing marketing efforts internally as a great opportunity to navigate between two competing needs:

Some of our clients look for someone to challenge what they have been doing in-house – for a specialist campaigns or a digital rollouts, or indeed any digital strategy formation. The challenge for this industry and our network is to be there for all clients who use our skills when they need the ‘new new’ thing.