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Social Media Consultants – Can The Industry Do Better?

Social Media Consultants - Can The Industry Do Better?

We all know that social media is an extremely busy space and there are competitors in the market like social media agencies, sole contractors and freelance consultants. Against this we have an innovative international franchise that is newly launched in the international market.

[VIDEO TRANSCRIPT] My name is Michael Roach and I am your Chief Technical contact at Social Media Business Boosters international headquarters.

With this in mind we wanted to outline some other key innovations at an international franchise level that differentiates a franchise model in a crowded marketplace.

Let’s spend a moment on our processes: we’ve identified, diagnosed solved core problems facing the execution of social media strategy. We see these solutions each day in our network.
Companies big and small will soon see through all too simple calculations of their return on investment – simply quoting the number of Facebook fans you’ve had in the last month is not enough!
Clients need a strategy that is going to emphasize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Social Media Business Boosters keeps the focus on the client to the point that we’ve designed systematic processes for finding success every time utilizing social media marketing.

Social media agencies and marketing agencies, and sole contractors often perform best when they are operating within their comfort zone. By contrast, our franchisees are on an exciting continual possible learning process.
We advise anyone looking for Social Media help to avoid top-heavy social media agencies who are long on slideshow artists and short on insight and creativity especially when it comes to creating masterful content.

Social media agencies sometimes spend more time talking about their services and less time doing especially when it comes to client objectives.

Our franchisees keep the focus on the client always. It is no surprise that clients look for consistency – they will find this in the franchise as consistency is replicated across the entire network across state and international borders – we keep up with best practice.

Companies can now begin to rely on standards and benchmarks giving them additional confidence going forward. Our franchise network is at the leading edge of forming these benchmarks and we look forward to being part of the maturation process for industry.

Every communication social media updates requires a systematic review process its always a good sign when your digital consultant proactively seeks to understand your communication objectives and your communication approval processes. When it comes to legal protocols our franchisees are trained in this area continually giving you that additional confidence.

Get in touch with your local social media business boosters representative today to learn more about our success story.

Right Product, Right Place, Right Time

Right Product, Right Place, Right Time

SMBB LogoRight Product, right place, right time is the advice from the experts for Social Media Business Boosters to expand and consolidate its position as the world’s leading social media marketing franchise company.

It’s thrilling to think how far my team and I have come in less than 2 short years. I remember not that long ago we had to convince prospective clients why they should include Social Media in the marketing budget. It was tough going! We stuck to our belief and passion for a growth product we knew could help a lot of people and businesses.

Today we are the ‘go to’ social marketer in our country simply because we offer Organization, Structure , National Representation and Results.

When we launched, social media was a new business tool. Today, it is a critical channel for businesses seeking to engage customers and stakeholders. From tiny beginnings, Social Media Business Boosters has quickly grown to have franchisees across the width and breadth of Australia, serving Business, Governments, Events Management, Non for Profit, Sporting Bodies and Individuals.

Reaching into the American market will allow us to extend the model and services we provide for social media management; social marketing, social customer service, social training and selling.

It will also allow us to significantly expand our global support network, and to continue to innovate the services our clients use and trust. As social media continues to grow and evolve, we aim now—more than ever—to be the go-to marketing solution for companies looking for powerful, intuitive and comprehensive social solutions.

To empower its franchisees to reach global markets for clients using social media – to help them connect, inform, and manage reputation like never before. This growth gives us additional resources to expand quickly and strategically into international markets, and deliver on our vision around the world. The franchise is seeking a dedicated US partner to build the brand and continue to deliver.

You’re Worth More

You're Worth More

At Social Media Business Boosters, we’re recruiting some incredible talent. Like so many others in 2012, we’ve led the way in developing a rock solid international network or franchisees that transform businesses daily, through implementing cutting-edge online marketing. We skip the rubbish and go straight to practical steps to put your business on the front-foot.

It’s no secret that we’ve provided our network

  • We provide top-class training
  • In-house lead generation
  • The ability to run your business from wherever it suits you
  • Quick ROI
  • 24/7 support

…Just to name a few. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now with our team to discuss your business investment requirements.