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Charlie Tizzard

Introducing Charlie Tizzard at Throttle Media in Canberra

Introducing Charlie Tizzard at Throttle Media in Canberra

Recently we welcomed Charlie Tizzard from Throttle Media to the Social Media Business Boosters network.  Charlie is a Canberra native and is looking forward to helping local business owners find success with social media marketing.

Learn more about Charlie’s background and vision here.

Charlie and the team at Throttle Media in Canberra shared the following company profile with us.

Did you know Thursdays and Fridays are the days most likely to get a greater level of engagement if you make a post on Facebook? Would you click ‘like’ if someone posted that information?

At Throttle Media, every day is spent getting a greater reach for your business, even though Fridays are always a good day to engage, especially if you like a beer at the end of it.

Choose your level of engagement and let Throttle Media do the rest.

If you just want to dip your toes in the world of social media, then a little throttle is all you need – something to top up the tank and set you on your journey.

Or let the throttle out all the way to make use of the many opportunities of how a customised social media package will rev up your business.

Throttle Media specialises in social media management for large enterprises and government agencies, along with businesses, clubs and non-profit organisations of any size.

Throttle Media can design, implement and manage a social media strategy from scratch, or improve existing ones. Or learn how to create your own word-of-mouth strategy where your customers do the advertising for you.

Armed with a team of specialists, the brains of Throttle Media, Charlie Tizzard, will value-add to your business by reaching further and connecting more effectively with your customers.

Charlie also has the advantage of being part of the Social Media Business Boosters team, who are constantly seeking out changes in the social media atmosphere.

Throttle Media knows that dealing in digital is to take full advantage of the changing landscape of communication – where people are switched on and ready to pounce, and then tell their friends too!

But at the same time, the traditional form of telling a story ­– spinning a good yarn – is never cliché.

“Communicating to your audience in the digital space is a whole new ball game,” says Charlie.

“We will test the processes of a business’s engagement with its clients and analyse their competitors and we will most definitely take advantage of any weaknesses.

“People are much smarter and selective about how they share information. Facebook, Google and YouTube all know this and so do we.”

Charlie says the so-called traditional forms of advertising and marketing with commercial television and newspapers are increasingly less effective.

If you want to know SEO, but didn’t know what it stood for, Throttle Media will welcome you to one of the buzz acronyms of the digital revolution.

“Take a billboard advertisement at a bus stop, or on a bus. Almost everyone at the bus stop or on the bus has their head down, paying all their valuable attention to what’s going on in the world of social media.

“Or maybe they are reading a book…at the same time!”

So there you have it – the digital revolution in a nutshell.

throttle social media canberraBut there’s really as much point in welcoming you to the digital revolution as there is in saying that a pale shade of grey is the new black. Maybe kale is the new digital revolution – either way, it’s good for you and you know it.

To know more, contact Charlie at Throttle Media to make sure your message is ready to step forward and be liked.