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Why Some Brands Continue To Innovate and Most Do Not

Brands are really about bringing a rational and emotional connection to a consumers. The best brands allow people to have fun and when you have a brand that combines a rational value proposition together with a emotional connection it’s really powerful.

The best brands have a strong element of personal engagement and for the solid performers this is often leveraged with Social Media alone. The brands that survive are those brands that in fact have what is called “a higher purpose”. This is more than just selling a product: it is changing and impacting people’s lives.

If any brand wants to be considered ‘leading’ it is a must to innovate in the marketplace all the time.

If a business is involved in getting products or services in to a consumers hands then a commitment to service and a commitment to being trustworthy is critical. Oddly, most companies don’t want to make a commitment to service because it is a long-term investment. They also don’t have the right metrics in place to know what is getting returns.


  • A leading brand will know exactly those service and support interactions that improve results,
  • A leading brand will know how to drive retention
  • A leading brand will be on the hunt to increase loyalty at many different opportunities.

If the opportunity arises tomorrow morning to re-invent the way SMBB does service we won’t hesitate! I’d like to think this is part of the DNA of most of our industry peers? What I am confident of is that this is is part of the DNA of each and every one of our franchisees as they consult with their business clients around the world.

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