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Are You Missing The Opportunity To Connect?

For those of you getting to know me you have probably picked up on one character trait that appears to stand out. I am a pretty open character and yes, I am a creative person needing to be constantly challenged. A risk taker, a talker, I get bored quickly.

We all need a sounding board and a confessional – sometimes intimate, sometimes explosive, even entertaining, someone with whom we can share ideas / opinions / advice. People with whom we can offload and share anything. My sounding boards have been invaluable – occasionally because of the incisive advice they’ve provided me with, but more often just as a listening post to which I can outpour.

I have often wondered how I would have coped had I not had someone/somewhere to talk to? It strikes me that it must be extraordinarily difficult to flourish as an business person/entrepreneur – with all the trials, tribulations, pressures and pinch-points that our daily lives involve without having access this person.

I’ve found these things to be useful:

  • It can’t be anyone related to you;
  • It can’t be someone that either spends money with you… or whom you spend money with;
  • They have to have an educated perspective on whatever it is that you do;
  • Money can’t change hands;

If you already have your sounding board in place and you’re utilising them – then that’s fantastic. Well done.

If you haven’t got someone like this that you can turn to and offload upon, then I urge you to give it some serious consideration. In doing so consider the business space you are in. It is difficult for conservative types to understand transformative business. Evaluate your sounding board to see if they’re still returning value – every seasoned business person can lose touch of innovation – in our vertical innovation is paramount.

What kind of advice can bring extra vibrany to your business?

PS: If you see something in this, pass it to your team.

Photo: Via dellphotos (flickr)

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