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5 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Post

blog post imageWhy does writing a Blog put fear into people’s eyes.  Most business owners get “writers-cramp” at the very thought of it.

However, there are a few simple tips to get started, that are easy to implement and you can do straight away.
But the first rule is…..JUST GET STARTED.

  1. Quick Fix.  Organise your points in your blog by a numbered list of items such as: “10 ways to improve your marketing ROI” or “30 minutes a day to double your network in 30 days” or “2 Killer moves to kick start your online sales”.  This process works well, and also appeals to the readers who are after a quick fix of content.

  3. Bold Headlines. Be strong, in-the-face, and no messing around. A cut-through Headline is Gold.  Busy people by nature are skimmers – and if they are skimming through their newsfeed, then the strong headlines that are well written and compelling, are going to get the most attention.   Keep them short and to the point.

  5. Reverse Expectations. If you really want to get some attention – Start your Blog title with a NEGATIVE.  This angle gets noticed, because it instils the fear-factor that exists in all of us.  For example. Instead of “LinkedIn rules that you shouldn’t ignore” – try something like…. “One sure way to get your LinkedIn account closed”.  Watch them sit up to attention with a reversed expectation, as a Blog title.

  7. One Message Only. Never try and cram 3 or 4 different topics into a Blog.  Keep to one key message. Then expand on that message, and give examples and reasons why it is important.   Too often I see a Blog topic turned into a War and Peace novel.  The simpler your message is, then it is more likely to be digested.  Your audience will love you for it, and will be keen to follow your next post.

  9. Statistics. Statistics, Quotes, Surveys andNumbers are always a winner. Statistical information will provide credibility to your Blog, and your thought leader status.  It is easy to find information from well respected journals and other publishers.  Use the statistics, and then write your own thoughts around what these statistics mean to your audience.  Be the interpreter, and always give examples on how the stats apply.

It is important to follow simple rules, be disciplined, be consistent, be truthful and be bold.  You do not have to prepare yourself for writing a book.  Think of a Blog as sharing a “thought” or sharing “advice” which your audience will find helpful, intriguing and valuable.  If you ask yourself “what does my audience want to know” or “what are the questions my audience always asks me”…then the answer to these questions can be the very start of your first Blog post.

Happy Blogging !!!

sandra pigram

Sandra Pigram – Social Media Business Boosters

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