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#MWAU14 Highlights Roundup: Is Australia comfortable buying online?

The largest annual marketing conference of its kind in Australia, Marketing Week 2014 this year took place in Adelaide. 

Is Australia comfortable buying online? At MWAU14, Steve Brennan from eBay Australia seemed to think so, informing MWAU delegates that a car is bought every 18 minutes on eBay Australia, and every 6 seconds an Australian orders something on ASOS. Answer: we think Australians are comfortable buying online.

We all know that a customer on a computer will spend more than a customer on a tablet, who will spend more than a customer on a mobile. However mobile adds up in every conceivable growth area: On average consumers use their 40x per day. Add to this is the insight that 80% of time spent on mobile is within apps.

There were deep insights and a critical look at the #ecommerce landscape and also a look at the coming trends in ecommerce:

Face commerce (recognition), eye commerce (e.g. Google glass) and home commerce (buy the design print it at home on a 3D printer) were highlighted as the next steps in ecommerce with these trends accelerating in 2014/15 (after this presentation we have only left out head-spinning-commerce).

Steve Brennen tells us there will be 50 billion connected devices in the world by 2020 and with that sets the stage for tech developments that will alter commerce behaviours permanently – a huge growth area to keep our eyes on.

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